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Triglavian invasion systems contain unique NPCs and Structures with unique behaviors.

This article was originally written about the contents of Chapter 3 of the Triglavian Invasion. However, even as the Invasion has ended, all of these ships, structures, and behaviors can still be found in Pochven, Minor Victory systems, and EDENCOM Fortresses.

  • Note about all fleet composition listings: Triglavian and EDENCOM fleets and combat sites use random ship distributions. All fleet compositions listed will be samples which can be used to estimate threat levels, however the actual exact compositions of ship sizes, types, and strength grades will vary wildly.

A full list of NPC info can be found here: Pochven NPC info

Roaming fleet behavior

Invasion systems have roaming NPC fleets for both EDENCOM and Triglavian sides. Pochven has additional Drifter and Rogue Drone roaming fleets. These fleets will partrol on celestial objects and warp between them.

In Post-Chapter 3, Triglavian Roaming Fleets can also be found in systems in Triglavian minor victory systems, Pochven, and in systems which contain C729 Wormholes which lead to Pochven. EDENCOM Roaming Fleets can be found in EDENCOM systems and systems in Pochven which contain Wormholes which lead to High or Low-security space. The ships in the EDENCOM Roaming Fleets will be based on the region of space that incoming wormhole leads to.

The fleets can be found on the following celestials:

  • Stargates
  • Statons
  • Asteroid belts
  • Moons which have Player-Owned Starbase Control Towers

The roaming fleets use advanced AI and will move in a group. One of the ships in the fleet is "commander" and all other ships in the fleet will position around it. This can result in odd looking behavior where short range ships stay far away when the commander has long range weapons or long range ships come close to brawl when the commander has short range weapons.
If the commander is killed a new ship will take its place. This can cause the fleet to suddenly change its behavior if the new commander wants to be at different range.

When in fight the roaming fleet may call for reinforcements.

Once sufficient number of ships from the fleet have been destroyed the fleet will disband. The remaining ships will warp to random directions and despawn.

EDENCOM forces

Weak Normal Stronger Strongest
Amarr Scout Imperial Navy <ship type> Imperial Navy <ship type> Elite Imperial Navy <ship type> Exalted Imperial Navy <ship type>
Caldari Scout State <ship type> State <ship type> Elite State <ship type> Executive State <ship type>
Gallente Scout Federal <ship type> Federal <ship type> Elite Federal <ship type> Presiding Federal <ship type>
Minmatar Scout Republic <ship type> Republic <ship type> Elite Republic <ship type> Chief Republic <ship type>

Each race will use their racial EWAR, and have racial T2 Resists (50%/25%).

All races have one EWAR Frigate and Cruiser , one Logistics Frigate and Cruiser, one Interceptor which uses a 2-point Scram, and a number of DPS ships.

Amarr Empire Navy

  • All ships use lasers and deal purely EM and thermal damage.
  • Armor tank with high explosive resist. Thermal and EM are the best damage types to use.
  • EWAR: Energy neutralizing, tracking disruption, and guidance disruption. No webs. Crusader warp scrambles.
    • Armageddon also has energy neutralizer.

Caldari State Navy

  • Ships use EM and Explosive missiles.
    • EM - Basilisk, Drake, Kitsune, Raven. Phoenix also uses EM Torpedoes.
    • EX - Cerberus, Kirin, Rook, Scorpion.
    • Raptors use railguns and no missiles, and deal very low Kinetic-Thermal. Raptors also warp scramble.
  • Heavy Shield tank with higher thermal/kinetic resist but lower EM resist.
    • In addition to their normal Thermal/Kinetic resists, Caldari shields also have 40% EM resist. As such, Explosive is also reasonably good damage.
  • EWAR: ECM. Kitsune also has a 30% web.
    • Scorpion also uses ECM.

Gallente Federal Navy

  • All ships use hybrid turrets and deal purely kinetic and thermal damage.
  • Armor tank with high Kinetic/Thermal resists. However, their Shields have inconsistently very high Explosive/Kinetic resists.
    • Battleships have enough shield HP for EM to be best.
    • Cruisers and Frigates have weak shields but high armor, making Explosive best. Lachesis uses strong warp scramblers.
  • EWAR: Sensor dampening, long range warp scramblers and long range 75% webs. Taranis interceptor warp scrambles.
    • Dominix also has remote armor repairs.

Minmatar Republic Fleet

  • Mixed use of different damage types. Dominantly Kinetic, but effectively omni damage.
    • Battleships deal EM, kinetic and explosive damage. EM is torpedoes with very poor application, however their application is greatly improved by the webs and paints.
    • Smaller ships deal thermal, kinetic and explosive damage. Thermal is heavy missiles with good application.
  • Shield tank with high EM resist. Kinetic is best damage to deal, explosive and thermal are okay.
  • Ewar: Very long range webs (65%), and target painters. Muninn also has a 45% Web; Typhoon also has a Target Painter. Claw warp scrambles at short range.

Triglavian forces

The Triglavian Collective ships come in all sizes, from frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battlecruiser and battleships, with even Dreadnaughts being a present in flashpoint sites.

With the four tiers, many hull-sizes and ewar-types, the Triglavian forces found can come in many variations.

Triglavian NPCs in the Triglavian Invasion systems comes in three tiers:

<Tier> Weak Normal Stronger Strongest
Triglavian Raznaborg <Role> <Ship Type> (No prefix) <Role> <Ship Type> Hospodar <Role> <Ship Type> Zorya <Ship Type>

Within the four ship types, Raznaborgs have extremely low HP relative to their damage, and can and should be destroyed first.

These ships follow the traditional Triglavian naming scheme, with their secondary prefix defining their role:

  • Anchoring - Warp scrambling
  • Tangling - Stasis webifying
  • Starving - Energy neutralizing
  • Ghosting - Tracking/guidance disruption
  • Renewing - Stronger remote repairs, lower DPS
  • Liminal - Additional high-damage EM/Kinetic missile attack ('Majorana Missiles'). These missiles are more powerful than their disintegrators, and mean that invasions deal omni damage.
    • There also exist "Raznaborg <Ship Type>" with no secondary prefix. These ships have the abilities of Raznaborg Liminal <Ship Type>s.
    • Many Raznaborg ships also have the liminal missile attack in addition to their normal prefix.
    • The Liminal Zirnitra dreadnought does not have missiles despite its Liminal prefix. The Zirnitra does not have any EWAR abilities.
  • Harrowing - Target painting
  • Blinding - Sensor dampening
  • Zorya's ships do not have role prefixes, but will have some combination of Warp Scrambling, Stasis Webifying, Liminal Missiles, enhanced remote repairs, and Energy Neutralizing.

Deployable Weapon System Triglavian Ships

Specially-named Kikimora destroyers that guard the Stellar Fleet Deployment Site and World Ark Assault Flashpoint Cosmic Anomalies can deploy powerful Temporary Collidable Structures.

Destroy them and their Structures as soon as possible.

<Deploying> Kikimora Deployable Effect
<Tier> Nemiznik Nemiz Pulse Destructor Thermal Smartbomb weapon with a 10 km range
<Tier> Moroznik Moroz Enthalpic Inhibitor Neuts capacitor of up to 20 ships by 800GJ within 10 km
<Tier> Pohviznik Pohviz Spatial Displacer Jumps a ship 75 km in a random direction every 12 sec
<Tier> Jariloznik Jariloz Semiotic Suppressor 5.8 rainbow ECMs that effects up to 20 ships within 10 km


The side holding the system deploys Industrial ships. These ships are guarded by a fleet of combat ships.

Industrial ships will attempt to set up Stationary Weapons Platforms on:

  • Stargates
  • NPC Stations
  • Moons
  • Asteroid Belts

Industrial ships will also try to anchor Structures with System-wide Effects inside:

EDENCOM and Triglavian Industrial Ships
EDENCOM Triglavian
EDENCOM Fortification Orca Dazh Potremba
Dazh Stribozha
Dazh Koliada

Triglavian Escort Fleet

Frigate 1 x Frigate <Role> Damavik
Destroyer 5 x Destroyer <Role> Kikimora
Destroyer 4 x Destroyer Hospodar <Role> Kikimora
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser <Role> Rodiva
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser <Role> Vedmak
Battlecruiser 1 x Battlecruiser <Role> Drekavac
Hauler 1 x Industrial Dazh Potremba/Stribozha/Koliada Primary target

Drifter and Sleeper forces

Pochven systems with wormhole connection to Anoikis (wormhole space) can have roaming Drifters and Sleeper drones.

Weak Normal Strongest
Agreus Tyrannos
(Drifter Scout Cruiser)
Metis Tyrannos
(Drifter Assault Cruiser)
Tyrannos Navarkos
(Drifter Navarkos Cruiser)
Orpheus Tyrannos
(Drifter Raider Battleship)
Cephisso Tyrannos
(Drifter Strike Battleship)
Tyrannos Polemos
(Drifter Polemarkos Battleship)
Sleeper Faded Hypnosian <ship type> Hypnosian <ship type> Aroused Hypnosian <ship type>

All Drifter ships have warp scrambler, neut and weak web. The warp scrambler has 7-14 km range depending on the ship type. Their weapons have extremely good tracking for their size, roughly equivalent to short range weapons of one size class below, and 150 km + 150 km range.
The weakest Drifter cruiser (scout) and battleship (raider) have Drifter overshields and break target locks when the overshield is depleted. But they do not have superweapons.
The normal and strong Drifters have superweapons which triggers when the overshield is depleted.

Drifters are not to be taken lightly; the cruisers deal between 460 and 820 DPS, and the battleships deal between 932 and 1332 DPS in omni damage.

Sleeper drones use remote repairers, energy neutralizers, warp scramblers and webs. The battleships will often engage at long range (exact distance unconfirmed, but player testing has recorded their ability to apply damage from roughly 200 km away). All Sleeper and Drifter ships retain the uniform resist profile of their wormhole and K-Space counterparts. Aroused-type Sleeper cruisers and battleships also possess a weak shield layer which has 0 omni resists. Sleeper neuts are quite negligible compared to Sleepers in W-Space or Abyssal Deadspace, even for battleship NPCs.

  • Agonizer - Web
  • Avenger - Neut
  • Eristikon - Neut
  • Sentinel - Scram, web, neut
  • Warden - Scram, web, neut
  • Watcher - Scram, web, neut
  • Upholder - Remote armor repair
  • Preserver - Remote armor repair
  • Psychopomp - Remote armor repair

The Psychopomps and Upholders deal high missile damage, but fairly low turret damage. This means they can be easily tanked in a fast ship with low signature radius.

The Eristikon and Avenger deal extreme damage with turrets, but low damage with missiles, and can also be easily tanked if one keeps their transversal very high.

The Sentinel (as well as all the frigates) are the hardest to tank; the Sentinel's damage is spread out between turrets and missiles and has good tracking, while the frigates move very fast and often warp scramble.

Independent rogue drone swarms

Pochven systems with wormhole connection to null security space can have roaming Rogue Drone swarms. Out of all Pochven factions they are by far the weakest.

Weak Normal Stronger Strongest
Drone swarm <ship type> Phase-I Swarmer <ship type> Phase-II Legionary <ship type> Phase-III Legionary <ship type> Phase-IV Legionary

Drone swarm ships are classified in overview as drone sized targets. They usually appear in large swarms. They have extremely weak EWAR and deal very low damage. The swarm size compensates for their low damage output but due to stacking penalties their EWAR is practically meaningless.
There is also Grazing Phase-0 Forager. This ship has strong tank but does not deal any damage, has now EWAR or any remote repair capabilities.

In addition to the swarm ships the Rogue Drones also have 'Overmind' ships. These come in sizes ranging from battleships to Super Carriers and weird looking rogue drone big ships . These ships have very strong hull tanks but deal around 100-200Dps and very high tracking speed, and extreme range, most of them will hit you at around 90km range , but they are really slow. and they are not particularly dangerous for battleships.

Stationary Weapons Platforms

Industrial ships from both sides will deploy stationary weapons turrets to help their side hold System dominance.

Attacking them will summon a Response Fleet. However, these turrets themselves have very low scan resolution and thus can take up to 10-20 seconds to engage targets.

Unlike any other NPCs in the game, these turrets can and will fire upon few separate targets at the same time.

  • EDENCOM GunStar - Heavily tanked and deals omni damage.
  • EDENCOM Heavy GunStar - Tankier and more damage dealing variant of the normal GunStar.
  • Entropic Disintegrator Werpost - Heavily tanked and deals omni damage. The damage ramps up 5% per cycle to a maximum of +200% damage. Nicknamed "Steve" by the Triglavian supporters.

The response fleets summoned to defend these structures are much more dangerous than normal Triglavian or EDENCOM roaming fleets, containing very few Raznaborg or Scout ships, multiple Hospodar or Elite ships, and possibly including Zorya's or Exalted-grade ships. Furthermore, these response fleets use a more advanced form of AI than normal roaming fleets, including features such as warping out to pings to reposition and then warping directly to their targets to surround them, and aggressively targeting combat drones.

Extractive Super-Nexus

The Triglavian Collectives mining operations mining for resources in asteroid belts.

Systems in which Triglavian Collective has established a significant foothold have mining stations deployed throughout asteroid belts in the system. These structures serve as a processing and control center for the Triglavians effort in gathering material resources for the construction of other structures and fleet reinforcement in the system (note: no known gameplay effect from these structures).

These stations will automatically mine ore from nearby asteroids, and if destroyed their wrecks will contain the ore they mined. However, attacking them will also summon response fleets, similar to attacking a Werpost or GunStar.

A fleet must be doubly cautious when preparing to engage an Extractive Super-Nexus response fleet, as these response fleets have three reported but as-yet unfixed bugs with them:

  1. They may appear neutral to all parties on grid. They will continue to appear neutral even when engaged in combat.
  2. Attempting to attack them may give an erroneous "attacking a neutral target" warning
  3. They may appear as hostile to all parties on grid, even those friendly to the Triglavian faction. If this is the case, they will also cause severe framerate drops for all pilots on grid. This framerate drop will persist until the last ship in the response fleet is destroyed.

Response Fleet

Frigate 2-12 x Frigate Hospodar <Role> Damavik
Frigate 1 x Frigate <Role> Damavik
Frigate 0-1 x Frigate Zorya's Damavik
Destroyer 3-4 x Destroyer Hospodar <Role> Kikimora
Destroyer 0-2 x Destroyer <Role> Kikimora
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Hospodar <Role> Rodiva
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Zorya's Rodiva
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Hospodar <Role> Vedmak
Cruiser 0-1 x Cruiser Zorya's Vedmak
Battlecruiser 1-3 x Battlecruiser Hospodar <Role> Drekavac
Battlecruiser 0-1 x Battlecruiser Drekavac
Battlecruiser 0-1 x Battlecruiser Zorya's Drekavac
Battleship 1-4 x Battleship Hospodar <Role> Leshak
Battleship 0-1 x Battleship <Role> Leshak


Structure 1 x Extractive Super-Nexus