Torpid Sleeper Hive

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Site Details
Torpid Sleeper Hive
Type Combat Anomaly
Rating None
Found in Pochven
Max ship size Unrestricted
Faction Sleepers
Damage to deal
Damage to
Sig. Strength 100% Anomaly

Torpid Sleeper Hive is a Pochven combat anomaly that spawns through out Triglavian space.

This site is very difficult to clear and should only be attempted by a very well-tanked ship or a small fleet with logi support.

Sleepers deal very high damage from long range. They primarily use long-range energy neutralizers, webs that reach out to 10 km, and warp scramblers that shut down MWD/MJDs.

The rats are primarily categorized into three distinct groups; Faded (weaker), normal (no prefix), and Aroused (stronger). The stronger Sleepers have more effective EWAR and deal considerably higher damage.