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This page refers to the in-game "Agent Finder" function and not to any external tools.


The agent finder is an in-game tool that allows you to locate mission agents of interest to you. It is a simple and effective method of choosing agents and planning ahead for future missions.

The Agent Finder default window

How to Access It

The agent finder can be found in the Agents & Missions section of The Agency, a neocom app that provides access to EVE organized activities in New Eden.

Note: in The Agency, the "Mission Agents" tab and the "Agent Finder" tab offer the same general information. Mission Agents shows a separate button for each type of mission that it presents, while Agent Finder has an option field that lets you select the type of mission from a list. The main difference between the two is that Agent Finder gives you access to certain kinds of missions that are not in Mission Agents. These include: career, storyline, epic arc, and factional warfare. This page refers to the Agent Finder tab.

How to Use it

The Agent Finder has a set of options on the left, and displays a set of agents on the right. Each agent has a location, a corporation and a mission difficulty level number. Agents are listed first in order of difficulty and then by distance. The default options will show all the available agents. Changing various options will narrow the selection.

The options are:

  • Agent Type - lists the eight types of mission agents. Selecting a type of agent will limit the list of agents to that kind of mission.
  • Agent Level - determines the difficulty level of missions offered by the agent. An agent's mission level appears as a number to the top right of the agent.
  • Agent Location - shows all agents within a certain number of jumps: current, 2, 5, 10, unlimited and "specific region".
    • Region - this appears if you select "specific region"; it let's you choose from all of EVE's regions.
  • Security Status - restricts the security rating of the agents' systems allowing you to, for example, exclude agents that are located in lowsec. (It is up to you to check the safety of the jump path to an agent located two or more jumps from where you are.)
  • Faction - allows you to narrow the available agents to those which belong to the chosen faction.
    • Corporation - appears if you choose a specific faction, and it allows you to show agents of one particular corporation.
  • Ignore Standings Requirement (checkbox) - when this is unchecked, the agent finder hides all agents that you cannot select because your standings with them are too low. To see all agents, check this box.
  • Locator Agent (checkbox) - when checked, the agent finder will search for "bounty hunter" type agents.

The final output will list all your selected agents: highest level first, and then in order of distance. You will see their names, corporations, levels, mission type, system (along with its security rating) and distance in jumps.

Once you choose an agent, the blue button at the bottom right titled "Set Destination" will do exactly that for the agent currently selected.