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The Passage is the first chapter of Minmatar epic arc.

All missions are best done in your main combat ship to avoid flying back and forth.


Mission 1 - A Demonstration

ObjectiveFind and retrieve 1x Olfei Medallion (0.1 m3)
FactionAngel Cartel
Best damage to dealExplosive damage ExKinetic damage Kin
Damage to resistExplosive damage ExKinetic damage Kin
Warp disruptionElite frigates
Ship suggestionBattleship (long range fit with Afterburner)
Rewards6M + 1,400,000 (Bonus if completed in 6H 0M)
ExtraAcquiring the item requires relic analyzer. Required item can be bought from contracts
Mission briefing
A visitor, and a capsuleer no less. I can tell my day is about to get more interesting.

Hello Hirmuolio Pine. I'm guessing you flew out here because you heard I was handing out work, right? Well, I do have something for you. Nothing amazingly difficult and nothing someone without a pod could handle easily, either. If you can pull this off, we can see about maybe getting you in on some other things. Maybe.

We Matari are known for our ingenuity. Civilization owes us a great debt, and the Amarr owe it twice over. Before they came, we were by far the most advanced nation; our technological achievements were regarded with envy by the rest of the cluster. You eggers know a lot, but did you know that?

Well, regardless of history, and regardless of your race, you will need to demonstrate an understanding of this if you want to work with us. Prove your resourcefulness by bringing me an Olfei Medallion. You will have to explore as only a capsuleer can and find one somewhere in the Sveipar constellation, near our homeworld Pator. Of course, some other egger can milk your wallet in exchange for doing the thinking and grunt work for you. That works too. Whether you scan it down inside an Angel Cartel fortress, or buy it for 2 ISK on the market - I don't really care. Results are what matter most.

You'll go far with me if you keep that in mind.

Former Selves
The fortunes of the Minmatar have ebbed and flowed continuously. At one time they had a flourishing empire with a level of mechanical excellence never before or since seen anywhere. Later, however, they had to endure centuries of enslavement, toiling and dying for the benefit of foreign masters. Today most of them have regained their freedom, but the legacy of their enslavement has been the diaspora of the race.

Minmatar epic 01.jpg

Arsten Takalo is the startign agent for Minmatar Epic arc. He is located in system of Frarn at celestial beacon "Brutor Tribe Community Area". In there he sits in his Tempest Fleet Issue. Before you get to do the real work you need to prove your resourcefulness. The agent wants you to find an Olfei medal from somewhere near Pator. The Medallion is located within a Cosmic Anomaly site called "A Demonstration" located somewhere within the Sveipar Constellation.

Bliz: Purchasae 1x Olfei Medallion from contracts or regional market and bring it to the agent

A Demonstration

A Demonstration is a combat anomaly found in constellation of Sveipar. Multiple anomalies of this type exist at once. No need for probe launcher as cosmic anomalies are always visible.

The site contains three hackable containers that require relic analyzer. Each container holds 1x Olfei Medallion (0.1 m3). Only one Olfei Medallion is needed to complete mission. Multiple anomalies exist at once spread around the constellation.

Initial defenders

Elite Frigate 5 x Elite Frigate Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Elite Cruiser 11 x Elite Cruiser Target Painter

Mission 2 - The Cost of Preservation

ObjectiveRetrieve 1x Hauteker Memoirs (0.1 m3)
Best damage to dealKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Damage to resistKinetic damage KinThermal damage Th
Warp disruptionElite frigates
Ship suggestionBattleship
Rewards4M + 1M (Bonus if completed in 6H 0M)
ExtraYou need to pay 5 million isk collateral.
Mission briefing
Now that we're past the small talk perhaps you're ready for some proper work. I guess we'll see.

There's this Gallentean guy, a historian named Aillon Boufin…yeah, I know. The story is that he's been studying Minmatar history for years now, and as you'd expect, he's come across a whole shipload of information and documents in that time. Apparently he has one of the largest unofficial collections of documents and artifacts from our earlier days. We're talking real old here, Hirmuolio Pine, some of it - going back to when it was just us, alone against the Amarr.

Now, I'm told that normally whenever we want to look at something of his, there aren't too many problems. Recently however, when some of our academics from the Republic University asked to see a particular document known as the Hauteker Memoirs, they were denied. Since that time, they have bent over backwards for this guy. They have even tried to buy it back - this document that Matari people wrote, this document that belongs to us. They have tried that repeatedly, raising and raising the price and yet each of these times more refusals.

This is when things got ugly. Boufin recently made a statement to the University, saying he is only trying to “preserve Minmatar heritage”. After that insult, they called us in. The implication that RU staff would somehow endanger our own history by simply studying a document...it's almost like he was trying to piss us all off.

Well, the insults stop here. The Brutor tribe has arrived, and with a capsuleer to back their word on the matter no less. It has been decided by the tribe that the return of this document to Matari hands represents a higher priority than staying on good terms with some overprotective historian, Gallente or not. You will see to this. And before you go jumping in, there is a 5m ISK collateral to cover associated risks. The tribe is not willing to risk our own property falling into foreign hands again. Perhaps you can see why we're looking to hire an egger? With that kind of money it's not really an option.

Rising Tensions
For many citizens of the Minmatar Republic, the friendship with the Gallente Federation has been a costly one. Some view the recent abandonment of the parliamentary system as the most potent symbol yet that the Federation's influence hasn't always been to their benefit. Indeed, there are some Matari who view the return to a Tribal Republic as the last necessary step out from under the shadow of foreign empires. Whatever the claims may be, few deny that the relationship still has some fundamental challenges to overcome.

Minmatar epic 02.jpg

Single ungated semi-deadspace poicket. All warps from outside will land you to the warpin point but you can warp freely inside the pocket. You should create a midwawrp bookmark few hundred kilometers away from the warpin point for bouncing.

When you arrive only Ailon Boufin and an container are present. As soon as you damage him first reinfocement arrives. Second reinfocement will arrive when Ailon Boufin takes armor damage.

Once Ailon Boufin dies he will drop an passkey. Place the passkey in the container to spawn second container that has the mission object Hauteker Memoirs in it.

Warning: A large amount of NPC Remote Repair happens in this mission. If you can't put enough DPS onto an Elite Frigate to instapop it, it will instantly repair all damage so focus on the easier-to-kill ships first, like the Cruisers. After the other NPC's are destroyed, nothing can remote repair the Elite Frigates which can then be easily destroyed with Combat Drones

Blitz: Kill Hauteker Memoirs and elite frigates. Bounce from a bookmark that is inside the mission pocket to land on the Hauteker Memoirs' wreck. Bounche again to land on the container. Place passkey in container, grab Hauteker Memoirs and return to agent.

Initial defenders

Elite Cruiser 1 x Elite Cruiser Ailon Boufin Triggers reinfocements Passkey
Ailon Boufin attacked

Elite Frigate 5 x Elite Frigate Mercenary Wingman Stasis Webifier
Elite Cruiser 6 x Elite Cruiser Mercenary Corporal/Lieutenant
Battleship 5 x Battleship Mercenary Overlord
Ailon Boufin armor damaged

Elite Cruiser 6 x Elite Cruiser Mercenary Corporal/Lieutenant
Battleship 6 x Battleship Mercenary Overlord

Mission 3 - Written By The Victors

ObjectiveRetrieve 1x Wildfire Khumaak (0.3 m3)
FactionsAngel CartelAmarr Empire
Best damage to dealExplosive damage ExKinetic damage KinElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
Damage to resistExplosive damage ExKinetic damage KinElectromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
Warp disruptionElite frigates
ExtraNo standing lost for destroying these Amarr ships.
Mission briefing
Good thing you're still about, we'll need you again for this one.

The Republic University guys had a look over the document and it has what they're after: directions. There's a mention in one of the sections of an old Nefantar bloodline, and where they buried their dead. I'm told they're important because of some old folktale about how they buried a special type of Khumaak with one of their leaders. Pretty odd stuff, but also kinda interesting.

They're on a myth-busting mission, though, that's the thing. There is no actual Khumaak, just a bunch of old Ammatar bones, probably. Still, you go there, check it out, and then they can say in their report that the area was inspected by a capsuleer and turned up nothing. They put that together with the proof in this old book that you inspected the right area and, I dunno, write an essay about how clever they are. The important thing for me was just getting our own history back, and that's what you should remember too.

So anyways, you feel like digging up some graves? The coordinates will be 2.5m in collateral, to cover associated risks yet again. If for some crazy reason there is actually a unique Khumaak out there, it belongs in a museum, not your cargo bay. 2.5m ISK would buy a lot of museums, you see. Whatever way it goes, our history won't lose out again.

The Ammatar – Past and Present
The Ammatars are descendants of Minmatar that collaborated with the Amarrians during the latter occupation of the Minmatar worlds. When the Amarrians were thrown out during the Minmatar Rebellion their collaborators fled with them. The Amarrians helped their Minmatar allies to settle in a few systems not far from the newly formed Minmatar Republic. The Ammatars regard themselves as the true rulers of the Minmatars, mainly based around the fact that a fair proportion of the old Minmatar aristocracy, or tribal leaders, were among them. In this vein they named their domain San Matar, meaning ‘true home'.

The term Ammatar was first used by the Gallenteans to distinguish between the two groups. Out of convenience even the Ammatars themselves started using it, stating that, with the help of the Amarrians, they had progressed beyond the old social structure of the Minmatar tribes. Indeed, the Ammatars have very deliberately abolished many age-old traditions of the Minmatar tribal society and embraced some Amarrian ones instead.

In the months following the Elder War of YC110, the Ammatar Mandate was beset with turmoil and uncertainty. During the war, its lucrative tsula plantations -- the Mandate's largest export crop and arguably the backbone of its economy -- were systematically destroyed by Chamberlain Karsoth's forces in retaliation for the Mandate government's harboring of Starkmanir Minmatar tribesmen, a clan lineage long-since thought extinct. After Empress Jamyl I rose to power in the Amarr Empire, however, appointing Royal Heir Yonis Ardishapur as Ammatar's savior and protector, the nation has entered into something of a renaissance. Aid now flows in a steady stream from the Empire's coffers, command hierarchies are being reinforced and morale is on the rise. It appears the star of Ammatar will soon shine bright once more.

Minmatar epic 03.jpg

you are sent out to investigate an ancient burial site.

Single ungated semi-deadspace where you can warp freely if you are inside but all warps from outside land you at same warpin point. Initially the pocket contains only Angel Cartel ships and it is recommended that you don't change that. If you destroy the battlecruiosers few very strong Amarr elite battleships will join the fight and you don't want that to happen. The elite battleships are not a laughing matter and they will easily overpower unprepared T1 battleship.

Create a mid warp bookmark as you land to the site. Warp to this bookmark and then warp to the central burial tomb. Grab the Khumaak and warp out. Kill the elite frigate to remove warp disruption and thin out the elite cruisers to reduce damage. You can also pull the elite frigate away from the container to avoid getting pointed when you grab the item.

If you insist on clearing:

  • Jump to 50-100km range, depending on your fit.
  • Destroy the EWAR Frigates first to help avoid high DPS!
  • Jump out and switch resistance modules upon new spawn.
  • Battlestation has large amount of Damage Points and drops no loot.

Blitz: Ignore the incoming damage and go straight to the container and loot it. Warp out.

Initial defenders

Elite Frigate 1 x Elite Frigate Arch Gistii Outlaw/... Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Elite Cruiser 7 x Elite Cruiser Arch Gistum Centurion/...
Elite Cruiser 3 x Elite Cruiser Arch Gistum Breaker/Defeater Stasis Webifier
Battlecruiser 3 x Battlecruiser Gistatis Legatus/Tribunus Last one triggers

Battleship 3 x Battleship Imperial Templar Martyr
Elite Battleship 3 x Elite Battleship Imperial Templar/Judgement

Mission 4 - Glowing Embers

ObjectiveTransport 1x Wildfire Khumaak (0.3 m3) to Defiants Base.
Ship suggestionyour combat ship since the next mission is near this area.
Rewards6 million isk + 1 million isk (6h)
Mission briefing
Ever heard of the Defiants, Hirmuolio Pine? Well, either way, you're about to meet them – if you think you're ready for it. They're one of the few groups the Brutor tribe can trust these days. I once had the honor of meeting their leader, Karishal Muritor, before our own Fleet had him put down like a dog for daring to fight the Amarr. A shameful day for us all, it was.

Still, it showed us who will fight, and who can be trusted. There is no group of people I personally would want more than them to handle this. We don't know how significant this Khumaak is, but let me tell you friend, some of our people are very excited about its discovery. They think it may shed new light on our past. Me, I'm excited too I guess, but more concerned than anything. I'll relax once this is in the Defiants' hands, not any earlier.

So, can we count on you to make the delivery? I think you and I are past collateral now, Hirmuolio Pine. I'm happy to trust you with the current location of their camp, if only because you have no chance of finding them after this meeting. The Defiants are only discovered when they want to be.

The Defiants were a splinter group of the Republic Fleet commanded by Admiral Karishal Muritor, a Brutor warrior and figure of great renown within military circles. Skirting the edge of all-out conflict with the Amarr Empire, the Defiants waged constant guerilla warfare with Amarr forces in the years leading up to the Elder Fleet Invasion of YC110, despite insistent urgings from the Republic to back down. Though the good Admiral is now fallen and most of his force gone -- lost while covering the retreat of the Elder Fleet -- a small contingent lives on, scheming to stamp themselves once again into the hearts and minds of freedom-loving Minmatar.

Minmatar epic 04.jpg

Simple courier mission. The mission is completed when the Wildfire Khumaak is placed in the container. Mission can be completed remotely. You should do the courier mission in your combat ship since the next mission will be near the drop-off location.

Mission 5 - From Way Above

ObjectiveDestroy Angel ships and defend the Defiants base.
FactionAngel Cartel
Best damage to dealExplosive damage ExKinetic damage Kin
Damage to resistExplosive damage ExKinetic damage Kin
Warp disruptionElite frigates
EWARWeb, Target painting
Rewards5 million isk + 1 million isk (6h)
Mission briefing
Hirmuolio Pine, you're not gonna like this. Only moments ago the Angel Cartel launched an attack on the Defiant base to recover what was taken from them. Seems they only realized now that they were sitting on something of value. Hell, we barely even know what we're sitting on right now.

The Defiants have fled the camp, which has now been converted into a base of operations for the Angel's invasion fleet. The Defiants can easily evade a bunch of Angel thugs, but they have asked that we put this chase to an end quickly and violently. Your task will be to smash the Angel's operational base. That will sever the attacking forces still chasing our brothers from their reinforcements. As soon as that happens, the Defiants can stop running and turn to meet their attackers in a fair fight. They've never lost one, Hirmuolio Pine. Those Angels will drop like sacks of fedo crap once they have their support pulled out from under them.

You have your orders, Hirmuolio Pine, will you accept them?

The Republic-Cartel Relationship
The Minmatar Republic and the Angel Cartel have a long and checkered history of locked horns and uneasy handshakes. A century back, when the Angel Cartel was building its reputation as a ruthless mercenary organization but had not yet crossed over into out-and-out piracy, the Republic was rumored to frequently contract the Cartel for operations deemed too politically sensitive for the Republic's armed forces. While these rumors have never been confirmed by either side, certain other occurrences -- such as the Cartel's immediate and unexplained withdrawal from their Skarkon sovereignty bid in YC110 -- seem to corroborate the idea of a nebulous connection between the two giant entities' top levels.

Minmatar epic 05.jpg

This mission can be accepted and completed remotely.

That Defiant base you just dropped the relic in just got attacked by Angel force (never mind that you can accept this mission while you are still in the base. The base to defend is in different mission pocket). Go in and fight. End this quickly and violently.

Single ungated semi-deadspace pocket. You can warp freely within the pocket but warps from outside land you to warpin point. Make a bounce bookmark few hundred kilometers off as you warp in. The mission is completed once the elite battleships from last wave are dead.


  • 2x Gist Domination Saint / Nephilim EWAR (Target Painting) is effective at +100km range.
  • Destroying 2x Gist Domination Saint / Nephilim asap will help reduce incoming DPS.
  • Battleships can't hit at close range.

Blitz: Wait for the final spawn to arrive and destroy the 2x Elite Battleship (Gist Domination Saint / Nephilim).

Spawns are time based every 1 to 2 minutes.

Initial defenders

Elite Frigate 3 x Elite Frigate Arch Gistii Ambusher/... Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Elite Cruiser 3 x Elite Cruiser Arch Gistum Phalanx/...
Battlecruiser 2 x Battlecruiser Gistatis Praefectus/Tribunus
Spawn 1

Elite Frigate 3 x Elite Frigate Arch Gistii Nomad Target Painter
Elite Cruiser 3 x Elite Cruiser Arch Gistum Marauder/...
Battleship 1 x Battleship Gist Warlord
Spawn 2

Elite Frigate 1 x Elite Frigate Arch Gistii Ruffian Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Elite Cruiser 4 x Elite Cruiser Arch Gistum Breaker/... Stasis Webifier
Battleship 3 x Battleship Gist Throne/Cherubim
Spawn 3

Elite Frigate 3 x Elite Frigate Arch Gistii Ruffian Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Destroyer 4 x Destroyer Gistior Seizer/Thrasher
Battlecruiser 3 x Battlecruiser Gistatis Legatus/Tribunus
Spawn 4

Elite Cruiser 5 x Elite Cruiser Arch Gistum Breaker/... Stasis Webifier
Battleship 3 x Battleship Gistior Seraphim
Elite Battleship 2 x Elite Battleship Gist Domination Saint/Nephilim Mission object Target Painter

Mission 6 - Friends In High Places

ObjectiveInvestigate the RSS Facility
Ship suggestionYour main ship with all gear in.
Rewards7 million isk + 1 million isk (6h)
Mission briefing
Alright, we've talked it out and I was right. You're going in there. The RSS almost threatened to have you killed for attempting it, but with the accusations being leveled at them right now they're just gonna have to get over it. We needed someone independent, not tied to any one faction, and who we knew we could trust. You were the obvious answer; I didn't even have to suggest it.

The RSS has given us the location of the compound where this agent was doing his work. Your task will be to fly to Alakgur and investigate it. We're looking for anything that would give us further insight into why he was visiting the Defiants. All they could tell us was that he expressed an interest in examining the Khumaak and then suddenly showed up. The Angels followed shortly after.

It's a politically delicate assignment Hirmuolio Pine, but a pretty easy one from your end. Just fly in there, have a poke around, and bring back anything you think may be relevant to our investigations. I'll be plugged into your camera drones for this one, along with the rest of the RSS, heh. We'll tell you what to look for too, if we see anything in there. Sorry about the invasive measures, but it was either that or a 500m ISK collateral to the RSS.

You down for this?

The Republic Security Services
Perhaps less is known about the Republic Security Services than any other national intelligence agency in the universe of New Eden. Their numbers, their spheres of operation, the scope of their involvement in affairs national and international: all these things are hidden in a fog of silence and misdirection. In the absence of concrete recorded information, the only detectable pattern is composed of reports from those few times the agency has revealed itself. Pieced together, a picture begins to emerge: grim, humorless, determined and fierce, these men and women stalk the underworld and mingle with its demons so their brethren may live in the sunshine.

Minmatar epic 06.jpg

It is recommended to do this in your combat ship with all your gear with you. After this mission you will be moving to a new place that is closer to this mission location. Mission can be accepted and completed remotely.

At warpin there are some friendly frigates and an acceleration gate. Take the gate.

In first pocket approach structures as told by the agent.

Eventually you will be able to take items out of the telescope. Grab them and complete the mission remotely.

Mission 7 - My Little Eye

ObjectiveReport to Nilf Abruskur (Aldrat)
Rewards5 million isk + 1 million isk (6h)
Mission briefing
Excellent, you're back. Firstly, I have an update on the documents you recovered. The Thukker and Krusual have flown in analysts to go over the copies. It may take some time to sift through the data and find the fresh leads, but I'm confident they'll find something useful in there.

In the meantime I have something else for you to do. I've made a few arrangements with the RSS and convinced them to let you continue to work on this Wildfire Khumaak business. Officially, you will be acting as the RSS liaison for the Brutor tribe, but in reality, you'll be on the front line working for the both of us to figure out what's going on. You're our go-to guy for this one and you got that job based on my recommendation. Don't make me look bad, alright?

I've been asked to point you towards Corporal Nilf Abruskur, who you can find in the system of Aldrat, Metropolis. I don't know the guy, but I do know the RSS, and my advice is not to trust them too much. In fact, part of the reason I recommended you for this job was because I know I can rely on your judgment. That, and you know how to deliver results.

I want you to keep an eye on this RSS operation. My gut still tells me that they're keeping something from us. I suppose we'll see, right?

Minmatar epic 07.jpg

Mission can be accepted remotely.

It is time to move to the new agent and start the second chapter of Wildfire. Starting conversation with Nilf Abruskur completes the mission objective.

Wildfire/Chapter 2 - Songs of the Past

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