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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This is a template which should be used to point to another page on the UniWiki which describes a subject in greater detail. For instance, if you want to only briefly touch on a topic on a page, but want to alert the reader that another page has a more complete treatment, then use this template. Preferably, it should be used just after a section heading.

{{Main|<link>|<link text>}}

The name of the page you wish to link to. You can use section links (marked with a # character), but omit the usual square brackets (for instance, to link to the page on Drones, use Drones (not [[Drones]]). You can separate multi-word titles with either spaces or underscore (_) characters, but spaces are preferable for readability.
link text
This parameter is optional. You can use it if you want to display a different text to the raw link (particularly useful if you're linking to a section in an article, as it makes the overall text more readable).

{{main|Drones}} gives:

Main article: Drones

{{main|Basic Skills}} gives:

Main article: Basic Skills

{{main|Mining#Solo mining}} gives:

Main article: Mining#Solo mining

{{main|Incursion sites#Vanguard sites}} gives:

Main article: Incursion sites#Vanguard sites

{{main|Mining#Solo mining|All by yourself}} gives:

Main article: All by yourself
See also
  • {{See also}}, a very similar template.
  • {{Hatnote}}, the generic template for these kinds of messages.
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