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This page is an annotated index to the many PvP combat sources that can be found in this Wiki. It complements the PvP page category, which is an alphabetized list with no annotations but does include a wider range of entries.

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Common to All PvP

These include information that applies whether you are doing PvP solo or in a fleet.

Calendar, Forums and Chat


  • Calendar Look here to find scheduled classes, fleet departure times and other PvP events.


  • Combat Fleets Every fleet is announced here - included beginner fleets and E-UNI courses. The announcement includes the date/time of departure, the kinds of ships needed, and the general goal of the event.
  • E-Courses All E-UNI courses are announced here ahead of time. A good place to check to see when a particular course was last offered.
  • Player versus Player Combat Wide ranging discussion of PvP.
  • PvP Ship Loadouts A wealth of information on ship fitting.
  • Ships, Modules, Charges and Items Questions and answers about ships and the stuff that goes on a ship
  • Combat Lounge Run by the Ivy League Navy, this forum includes a large listing of fleet doctrines and associated discussions.


The EVE University Chat Channels page lists at least 20 channels that might be of some use if you want to discuss PvP. Here are the ones most useful to beginners:

  • Q&A.E-UNI - EVE University experts watch this channel and answer questions about nearly any aspect of EVE. Ship and fitting questions are not unusual.
  • Chat.E-UNI - this general discussion channel often centers on ship fittings and fighting.
  • Mess.ILN - the official channel for PvP discussion, this is probably the best place to ask an unusually difficult or tricky question.
  • Campus Channels - each of the E-UNI campuses has a channel, and it is not unusual to find discussions of PvP events or problems related to the campus.

Most E-UNI chat channels are password protected for privacy. You can acquire these passwords from an E-UNI Forum post. You need to be an E-UNI member to access this post.


  • Killboard All ship kills are automatically listed here. If you kill or are killed, you should go here and explain how it happened. This helps everyone.
  • Using the Killboard Detailed instructions on how to add comments to your killboard entries.


  • Timers Logoff, weapons, remote assistance and other timers that affect your ship's status during combat.

General Introductions

These give general descriptions of PvP organization, strategies, tactics, ships, skills and so on, but without digging into the nitty gritty details. Each may cover a variety of topics.


Methods of fighting. Ways of locating targets. Ways of escaping. Cloaking. Establishing remote bases. Insurance.



  • Warp Disruption Preventing an opponent from warping - AKA "scrambling" or "jamming".
  • Tackling Guide Immobilizing an opponent, methods and fittings.

Electronic Warfare

  • EWAR Guide Electronic warfare interferes with enemy ships to decrease their effectiveness in battle.
  • ECM Guide "Jamming" - a type of EWAR that causes enemy ships to lose their target locks.
  • Capacitor Warfare Guide A type of EWAR that focuses on draining an enemy ship's capacitor.

Other Tactics


Capabilities, uses, comparisons.

Ship Classes

Ship Characteristics

Ship Roles

Other Sources

Common PvP Ships - EveInfo.Net - List of approximately 80 PvP ships by role. Includes brief analysis and comments.

Hardware and Software

Weapons. Ammunition. Fittings.


  • Using Drones Thorough coverage of drone types, abilities, uses and tactics.
  • Drones 101 / Drones 102 101 covers drone type and basic drone control; 102 covers advanced drones used in for as ECM and logistics.

Shields and Armor

Weapons and Ammunition

  • Turrets Characteristics of turret type weapons: projectile and energy beam.
  • Gunnery Guide Use of turret type weapons: range, tracking and signature resolution.
  • Turret Damage Concerned only with how damage is generated from a hit with a turret type weapon.

Smartbombs Neither launcher- nor turret-based, these are hugely destructive.

Other Fittings

Fleet PvP

  • E-UNI Forum: Combat Fleets Every fleet is announced here - included beginner fleets and E-UNI courses. The announcement includes the date/time of departure, the kinds of ships needed, and the general goal of the event.


Fleet Organization and Doctrine




  • Fleet Doctrines A doctrine is essentially a preset that tells you what kinds of ships and fits are acceptable in a specific kind of fleet. This is a brief overview.
  • E-UNI Fleet Doctrines A number of E-UNI doctrines are listed here.
  • E-UNI Forum: Combat Lounge Run by the Ivy League Navy, this forum includes a large listing of doctrines and associated discussions.




  • Scouting 101 E-UNI course on the basics of advance scouting for fleet combat
  • Scouting Detailed treatment of covert ops scouting in high and low security space.


  • Advanced Drones Applications and Strategies Specialized fleet use of drones: such as gate camps and logistics.
  • Gatecamps Trapping enemy ships at warp gates … and how to escapte from such traps.
  • Pipe Bombing Trapping an enemy fleet travelling through nullsec with an interdiction bubble and using smartbombing battleships to destroy them.
  • Spider Tanking A fleet tactic in which ships use remote armor repair modules to repair one another


  • Noobs on Patrol (NoP) Weekly (or at least frequent) fleets run expressely for beginning pilots. No specific ship requirements; all are welcome.
  • Ivy League Navy EVE University Corporation belongs to the Ivy League Alliance, which maintains its own PvP Navy. Read this page for more information.

Solo PvP


  • Solo PvP Brief collection of general information includes gatecamps, plexes.
  • Solo Frigate PvP Brief summary of PvP principles.

Directional Scanning


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E-UNI and ILN War

Factional Warfare

Factional warfare is a PvE/PvP hybrid whereby players join teams and perform PvE missions in an environment that encourages PvP. Factional warfare is generally seen as a "stepping stone" to full scale PvP.

IMPORTANT: EVE University does not participate in Factional Warfare; members of the University have to leave the University to participate in Factional Warfare (or create an alt character specifically for Factional Warfare). EVE University used to have affiliated corporations which participated in Factional Warfare, but this is no longer the case.

Other Indexes

  • PvP page category Automatically collects the links to all UNIWiki pages that include the "PvP" category tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs may shorten your search time, especially if you are new to EVE PvP. (In the end you will still have plenty of questions. If you cannot find the answers in UNIWiki, you should proceed to ask in one of the E-UNI chat channels, or check out the E-UNI forums.)

How do I learn about PVP in EVE

Do you mean Fleet PVP or solo PVP? Are you a beginner, or are you looking for additional information? Are you trying to fit a specific ship? Or are you looking for good PVP ships in general? As you might guess, it's not as simple as it seems - so read on.

In most online combat games you learn to use a weapon, say a sword or an axe, And then you use that weapon in pretty much the same way against all enemies. But EVE doesn't work that way. Each EVE ship has built-in strengths and weaknesses, so each ship is better off with particular kinds of weapons, and needs to be flown in a different way to make the best use of them. If you fight in a fleet you will likely choose a different ship with different weapons than you would use if you were fighting on your own. In fact, you might choose a different ship for a large fleet than you would for a small one.

The blunt answer to the question "how do I learn about PVP in EVE" is "go do it" - learn by experience. But here are some hints and suggestions about how to get started and where to look.

  • SOLO PVP Every beginner's tutorial on solo PVP says more or less the same thing ... "buy yourself a handful of cheap ships, fit them as cheaply as you can, get insurance, make sure your medical clone is located in a convenient system, and then go down to low sec and fly around and wait for someone to attack you. You will lose ships, but you will learn PvP." If you would like to read a bit more about good beginning ships and fits, try this UNIWiki link. You can also go to YouTube and search on "Eve solo PVP" to find some videos.
  • FLEET PVP The easiest way to learn fleet PVP is to join an E-UNI beginners fleet and go do it. Two of the fleet roles, tackling and electronic warfare, require relatively few skills and can be done by very new players. You can take the E-UNI courses on tackling and EWAR if you wish ... these are offered at regular intervals – check the calendar for times. This wiki has some guides to fleet combat for new players. And, you can always just ask about it in chat. Teaching players about fleet combat is one of the main things that EVE University does, it will be easy for you to get started.
  • SHIPS Ships and their fittings are large part of the EVE game. There is no simple easy way to know what is best, but the advice that is usually given to beginners is to start with frigates, learn them thoroughly, and then move on to cruisers, battle cruisers and battleships. The two FAQs that follow this one have more to say about ships.
  • TACTICS AND TECHNIQUES Strangely, combat techniques are not discussed very often in this wiki. Perhaps that is because most of them are fairly obvious - target, shoot, repeat. Or perhaps it is because the way you fight has so much to do with your own personality, and the way you have fit out your particular ship. The best advice is probably "get some practice in, and then ask your questions in chat or one of the forums." The odds are good that you will find someone who has been in your situation and is willing to discuss it with you.

What is the best ship for PVP

The best PvP ship has shields that are 100% effective again all damage types, impenetrable armor, drones that can warp instantaneously to their targets and deliver a massive punch, an invisibility cloak that never goes down, and weapons that fire tiny little black holes that suck down their targets, no matter how large. [Sigh], but then everybody would have one and EVE combat would be rather futile, would it not?

OK, so there is no perfect combat ship. What you really want to know is, "How do I best spend my ISK to get myself into a ship that I can fly effectively with my existing skills?"

To answer that question, you first have to answer this one: "How, exactly, do I want to use this ship?" There are few, if any, general purpose ships in EVE. The most common uses of ships are: damage, tackling, EWAR, mining, hauling, exploration, and scouting. Once you know which of these activities you intend to do, then you can pick a ship whose configuration and bonuses match up.

For solo PVP you probably want a damage ship. This will be one that has the most defense for a sizable offense. But even in this category, there are choices. For close-in combat, you likely want short range powerful weapons and good armor - which requires a ship that supports turrets and has numerous low power slots. For missile combat you need launchers, and you probably want a number of mid power slots to mount shields in order to get the speed you need to avoid the enemy while your missiles approach. And of course, drone combat requires a somewhat different mix of capabilities.

For Fleet PVP you need to know your role. For tackling you want a speedy ship with plenty of mid-level power slots for mounting your tackling gear. For electronic warfare you want a ship whose bonuses support the kind of EWAR you intend to do. For scouting you will need to be cloaked. For the damage role, a variety of combat ships may do, but on the other hand the fleet commander may specify a certain kind of ship to fit the fleet doctrine.

The bottom line is that there really is no answer to the question "what is the best ship for PVP". What you need to do is go read about the activity that you intend to pursue, and see what kinds of ships are suggested for that activity.

How do I fit my <ship class> for PVP

There are two good ways to find information about fitting ships:

  • The first is to go look in the UNWiki Eve ship database. Every ship is listed there, with a link to a page that describes the ship in detail. At the bottom of that detail page you will find one or more fits for the ship. Usually these will be labeled in terms of their use … that is, Kiting Solo PVP fit, or Fleet Scouting fit ... although sometimes the names don't mean much and you will have to study the fit to figure out when to use it.
For example, suppose you have been training to use drones and are thinking about getting a Vexor. The Vexor page gives a summary of the skills you need, and it provides two fleet PvP fits: one shield tanked and one armor tanked.
  • A second, and possibly more useful place, especially if you are an experienced fighter, is to ask in one of the E-UNI chat channels or forums. Q&A.E-UNI is especially useful for this kind of question, as there are often E-UNI experts on who are willing to talk at length about fitting ships. The general Chat.E-UNI channel is also good, as are the specific channels for the various campuses. Don't be afraid to ask what seems to be a simple or dumb question - fitting ships well is hard to do, and everyone knows that. Also, everyone loves their favorite fits, and they are usually willing to talk about them. E-UNI Forum: PvP Ship Loadouts includes a lot of information on ship fitting, though some of it is probably too technical for beginners.

By the way, there is no perfect fit. As you probably know by now, a ship's equipment interacts tightly with a pilot's skills, experience and psychology. What works best for one may not work well for another. You will find your perfect fit by trying different set-ups and seeing how they work out.

How do I find a solo PVP fight

If you fight in hi-sec (Security index between 0.5 and 1.0) you are likely to incur the wrath of Concord. You may not care about your reputation, but the prospect of fighting police ships will interfere with your PvP combat. So, if you are totally new to PvP, go to a low-sec system and look around. Sooner or later, and probably sooner, you will find someone who is willing to attack you.

Once you have the basic skills and experience needed to join Low-Sec Campus, you should probably go there. Among its goals, this campus includes: "Teach survival, home-defense, and offensive PvP tactics that are associated with living in potentially hostile territory with aggressive neighbors." There are E-UNI members there who are experts in solo PvP and will be glad to help you learn the ropes.

Other than that you be an E-UNI member, there are no stringent requirements for joining LSC. However, a certain small amount of practical experience is very helpful:

If you are really serious about doing solo PvP, this is not much work, and it will get you off to a good start in your PvP career.

How do I join a PVP fleet

As an E-UNI member, you are eligible to participate in any E-UNI fleet for which you are qualified (and for which there are slots available, though as E-UNI fleets tend to be quite large, this is usually not a problem). Every fleet is pre-announced in the E-UNI Combat Fleet Forum. You can also find the fleet announcements listed in the E-UNI Calendar.

If you have never flown in a PvP fleet before, you definitely should try Noobs-on-Patrol (NoP). This fleet goes out frequently, usually once a week, and is specifically set up to help new players learn how to do fleet PvP.

Recommended Reading:

Noobs-on-Patrol Requirements:

  • Everyone is welcome to join -- ESPECIALLY those with no prior PvP or fleet experience
  • Mumble access - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational.
  • Have your Overview set to the E-Uni standard
  • Be prepared to lose your ship! (Covered by E-UNI Ship Replacement Program)

The Overview set-up takes about half an hour to complete, but it is well worth the effort, and it is absolutely required for all members of all E-UNI fleets. The Ship Replacement Program will buy you a new ship if yours is destroyed during a NoP operation.

NoP fleets are fun. You get to blow things up. You get to see your own ship explode into a big ball of hot expanding gas. And you learn the roles, terms and rules for working with a bunch of other players in a big operation.