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Some pilots may be concerned that joining Factional Warfare will result in irreparable damage to some of their faction standings, either excluding them from a quarter of Empire space for the rest of their EVE career, or forcing them to grind their standings back up. This page aims to clarify how your standings are affected by participating in Factional Warfare.

Actions that affect standings

Participating in Factional Warfare can impact your standings with the four NPC militia corporations (24th Imperial Crusade, State Protectorate, Federal Defence Union, and Tribal Liberation Force) as well as the four NPC empire factions (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar). Your actions affect your standing with your NPC militia corporation change irrespective of whether you are a member of the NPC corporation or not (i.e. whether you enlisted in Factional Warfare as a solo player or as part of a player corporation).

Note that even though you are at war with one of the four empire factions, your standings with them don't actually drop merely by joining Factional Warfare; they only drop through actions you might perform (see table). Since all the standings-affecting mechanics are purely optional (e.g. you are not forced to capture complexes just because you have enlisted in Factional Warfare), you can control how much you want to affect your faction standings.

Friendly Enemy
Faction Militia
Killing enemy militia (in NPC corp) (3) Icon arrow down.png /
Killing enemy militia (in player corp) / /
Killing friendly militia Icon arrow down.png Icon arrow down.png
Killing faction NPC (complex) (4) / / /
Killing faction NPC (mission) Icon arrow down.png (2)
Capturing complex Icon arrow up.png / /
Destroying i-Hub
Completing mission Icon arrow up.png / /
Declining/failing mission Icon arrow down.png Icon arrow down.png
Being promoted / Icon arrow up.png Icon arrow down.png (1)

(1) These are derived standing changes, caused by the inter-faction relationships.
(2) Depending on the mission; not every NPC kill decreases your faction standings.
(3) Killing an enemy player who is a member of the NPC militia corporation (i.e. who joined Factional Warfare as a solo player, and not as part of a corporation).
(4) Killing the NPCs defending complexes ("plexes").


When your standings with your NPC militia corporation reach an integer number (i.e. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc), you receive a "promotion", which is reflected in a higher rank (visible on your character sheet). The first time you reach a new rank, you also receive a one-off bonus to your standings with your faction (and a corresponding drop in your standings with the enemy faction).

Joining Factional Warfare

In order to join Factional Warfare, you require a base faction standing of 0.0 or higher (without taking social skills into account). There are several ways to increase your faction standing.

  • Run missions for a corporation belonging to the faction you want to join and complete the storyline mission you get after completing 16 regular missions.
  • Complete the Sisters of EVE epic mission arc, which can be repeated every 3 months (90 days) and provides +0.7% base faction standing (without considering social skills).
  • (Non-repeatable) The Cosmos and Data Center missions allow you to increase your faction standing, however the missions are not repeatable. Find more information on Gaining faction standing fast.
  • (Non-repeatable) Each faction has multiple sets of Career Agents. You can complete each Career Agents' missions and the last mission in each chain will provide you with a 1.5% base faction standing increase with the respective faction.

Maintaining enemy faction standing

If, while enlisted in Factional Warfare, you find your standings with the enemy faction slipping, you can raise them through the same methods as described in Joining Factional Warfare

However, most agents of the enemy faction reside in space controlled by their faction, and the NPC faction navies make it unfeasible to run missions in enemy-controlled high-sec space. Therefore, there are two options:

  • Find agents in friendly high-sec space. A number of agents reside in high-sec space not controlled by their faction (for instance, the Minmatar corporation Core Complexion Inc. has agents in Amarr space, such as three in the Knophtikoo system). To find these, make a note of which regions are controlled by friendly factions, then use the in-game The Agency to find agents belonging to the enemy faction in those regions.
  • Run missions in low-sec space. As the NPC faction navies only patrol high-sec systems, you have unfettered access to agents of the enemy faction in low-sec. While low-sec mission running is more dangerous than high-sec mission running, active Factional Warfare players should be reasonably proficient at staying safe in low-sec.

Note that this will only help you with your faction standings; your standings with the enemy NPC militia corporation will likely drop continuously. However, unless you plan on switching sides and running missions for them, you can safely ignore your standings with the enemy NPC militia corporation.