State Protectorate

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This article describes the Caldari State faction warfare corporation. For information about faction warfare mechanics, see Faction Warfare.

State Protectorate

State Protectorate.png
Ticker SPROT
Faction Caldari State
CEO Mumara Kara
Headquarters Jita
Offices 16 in 16 systems
Activity Militia
24th Imperial Crusade.png
Allied Faction 24th Imperial Crusade
Federal Defense Union.png
Enemy Federal Defence Union

We are the State, and we have claimed our long-lost homeland. Now we are at war; united, whole and full of fire and purpose. The State calls you, capsuleer, for it needs your strength and your leadership to fend off the encroaching Gallente menace. The State will not fall. Join us. Fight. Conquer.


The Caldari were once part of the Gallente Federation. Soon after the technology for interstellar travel was rediscovered in Gallente Federation the Caldari corporations started secret colonization of their own. Once the Gallente Federation found out of these colonies he Federation of course demanded that they are put under the authority of the Federation. The Caldari corporations declined. The relationships were tense and Caldari Prime was put under blockade. Eventually Caldari partisans in Caldari Prime sabotaged an underwater Gallente city. The Gallente retaliated with orbital bombardment and the Gallente - Caldari war began. The war lasted for a hundred years until the newly formed CONCORD was finally able to negotiate peace between the to factions. The Caldari Prime is still under Gallente control on this day and the relationships between Gallente and Caldari are very bad.