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{{{ship}}}: {{{fitName}}}
[{{{ship}}}, {{{fitName}}}]

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Fitting template mid slots label.png
Fitting template low slots label.png
Fitting template subsystem slots label.png
Fitting template drone slots label.png
Fitting template drone slots label.png
Fitting template charge slots label.png
Fitting template rig slots label.png
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template is used to display fittings across the UniWiki and is used on a large number of pages. Please test any edits to the template itself in your personal userspace before committing them to this template page.


  • Item names tooltip on image hover
  • In-game compatability:
    • Clicking on item picture brings up item info in-game
    • Clicking SHIP INFO button brings up ship info in-game
    • Clicking EVE button displays fitting in-game
  • Extra information panels when clicking EFT, skills, or notes button
  • Fitting difficulty indicator.
  • EVE version to determine if a fit is still valid
  • Clicking FLEET-UP will open the fit at fleet-up.com (requires fleetup data)


Helper tool

If you need help, use the tool located here. It will automatically generate a template code in wiki-markup, from EFT fitting code. Paste the code into an article, replacing old fittings as necessary.

Template Format

To format of the code is as follows:

| ship=
| shipTypeID=
| fitName=
| fitID=
| high1name=
| high1typeID=
| mid1name=
| mid1typeID=
| low1name=
| low1typeID=
| subsystem1name=
| subsystem1typeID=
| drone1name=
| drone1typeID=
| charge1name=
| charge1typeID=
| rig1name=
| rig1typeID=
| difficulty=
| warsop=
| warsopReason=
| version=
| shipDNA=
| skills=
| notes=
| showTOC=
| showSKILLS=
| showNOTES=
| fleetup=


The parameters are:

  • ship - The name of the ship
  • shipTypeID - The typeID of the ship
  • fitName - The name of the fit
  • fitID - A (hopefully) unique identifier for the fit. By appending "#(fitID)" to the end of a ship page of the wiki you can link directly to a specific fit. The automatic tool generates this by replacing all spaces in the fit name with a "-".
  • high1name, mid1name, low1name, etc. - The name of the module in that slot. Set as "open" for an empty slot or omit is slot does not exist.
  • high1typeID, mid1typeID, low1typeID, etc. - The typeID of the module in that slot. Can be omitted if the slot is empty or does not exist.
  • difficulty - The difficulty of the fit. Possible values are "0" for beginner, "1" for advanced, and "2" for expert. Please use your best judgement when assigning difficulty levels.
  • warsop - Whether or not the fit is approved for use during war. Possible values are "A" for approved for everyone, "S" for requires sophomore title, and "G" for required graduate title, and "D" for director authorization required.
  • warsopReason - The reason for the indicated warsop rating. This will be displayed when hovering over the warsop icon on restricted and not approved fittings only.
  • version - The version of EVE the fit was created for.
  • shipDNA - The shipDNA string for the fit. More information can be found here
  • skills - A list of recommended skills separated by "</li><li>".
  • notes - A list of notes separated by "</li><li>".
  • showTOC - Allows removing fit from the table of contents of a page. Use value "N" to hide. Default is to show.
  • showSKILLS - Allows to show skills pane by default; will not automatically display if there are no skills to entered
  • showNOTES - Allows to show notes pane by default; will not automatically display if there are no notes to entered
  • fleetup - Enter the fit id from the direct link url; will display a FLEET-UP button that is clickable to open fit

If you want multiple fittings on the same line place the code for the second fitting directly after the first. e.g. like this:

| shipDNA=
| skills=
| notes=
| fleetup=
| ship=


An example of a proper fitting would be:

| ship=Rokh
| shipTypeID=24688
| fitName=Vanguards a
| fitID=Vanguards-a
| high1name=Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I
| high1typeID=7783
| high2name=Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I
| high2typeID=7783
| high3name=Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I
| high3typeID=7783
| high4name=Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I
| high4typeID=7783
| high5name=Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I
| high5typeID=7783
| high6name=Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I
| high6typeID=7783
| high7name=Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I
| high7typeID=7783
| high8name=Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I
| high8typeID=7783
| mid1name=Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
| mid1typeID=2281
| mid2name=EM Ward Field II
| mid2typeID=2301
| mid3name=Federation Navy Stasis Webifier
| mid3typeID=17559
| mid4name=Federation Navy Stasis Webifier
| mid4typeID=17559
| mid5name=Sensor Booster II
| mid5typeID=1952
| mid6name=Tracking Computer II
| mid6typeID=1978
| low1name=Damage Control II
| low1typeID=2048
| low2name=Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
| low2typeID=10190
| low3name=Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
| low3typeID=10190
| low4name=Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
| low4typeID=10190
| low5name=Tracking Enhancer II
| low5typeID=1999
| drone1name=Hobgoblin I x5
| drone1typeID=2454
| drone2name=open
| drone3name=open
| drone4name=open
| drone5name=open
| charge1name=Scan Resolution Script
| charge1typeID=29011
| charge2name=Optimal Range Script
| charge2typeID=28999
| charge3name=Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge L
| charge3typeID=21740
| charge4name=open
| charge5name=open
| rig1name=Large Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
| rig1typeID=26082
| rig2name=Large Core Defense Field Extender I
| rig2typeID=26088
| rig3name=Large Core Defense Field Extender I
| rig3typeID=26088
| difficulty=1
| warsop=Y
| warsopReason=test
| version=RET 1.0
| shipDNA=24688:7783;8:1952;1:1978;1:2281;1:2301;1:17559;2:1999;1:2048;1:10190;3:26082;1:26088;2:2454;5:21740;1:28999;1:29011;1::
| skills=Gunnery Supports IV</li><li>Caldari Battleship IV
| notes=Short range blasters</li><li>Something else
| showTOC=Y
| showSKILLS=N
| showNOTES=N
| fleetup=12345

A list of typeIDs can be found here: https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk

Contact information

If you have any questions or concerns or find any issues, please post in this section on the E-UNI forums.

Again, please see also the E-UNI Fitting Parser, an external tool that allows you to paste in a fit from EVE or EFT, annotate it, click the "Go!" button, and get the code you need to insert into a wiki page.
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