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Massive Stargate Disruptions Across New Eden as Authorities Struggle with Spacetime Instability

BREAKING - Further Stargate Shutdowns Ordered Across New Eden as Spacetime Instabilities Increase

Path Notes for the End of the Triglavian Invasion

  • The Triglavian Invasion has come to an end. The Collective now inhabit 27 systems severed from the rest of New Eden, forming the new Nullsec Pochven region which can be accessed via wormholes and filaments. According to reliable sources some Triglavian vessels in the area may carry filaments for escaping this new region. Unconfirmed stories also state that these filaments are available for purchase in the new Triglavian stations. Active Market Orders and HyperNet Offers within Pochven have been cancelled and both goods and escrow have been refunded. In addition to that, Agents within Pochven have been removed and any active missions have been cancelled.
  • There is a lot to discover in these systems as they function completely differently now that the Triglavians have taken them over. More details will be reported by The Scope in the coming days. Until then, Capsuleers that dare to venture into the new Pochven region can discover things on their own. Since Medical Clones within Pochven have been moved to a character's birth Station, some capsuleers will need to travel to the systems to uncover the mysteries - the lucky (or unlucky) players already within those systems are free to undock - at their own risk.

Ignebaener CMX-430 Cosmic Anomaly Combat Site World Ark Assault Flashpoint 100.0% 4.88 AU EGU-384 Cosmic Anomaly Combat Site Drone Assembly 100.0% 5.09 AU EYY-120 Cosmic Signature Combat Site Serpentis Narcotic Warehouses 100.0% 5.15 AU HPM-110 Cosmic Anomaly Combat Site Serpentis Hidden Hideaway 100.0% 4.27 AU NMH-943 Cosmic Anomaly Combat Site Drone Gathering 100.0% 12.06 AU PON-458 Cosmic Anomaly Combat Site Stellar Fleet Deployment Site 100.0% 3.52 AU SFX-792 Cosmic Anomaly Combat Site Drone Assembly 100.0% 3.08 AU TOP-223 Cosmic Anomaly Combat Site Serpentis Forsaken Hideaway 100.0% 5.46 AU VCR-836 Cosmic Anomaly Combat Site Drone Assembly 100.0% 3.27 AU VDW-180 Cosmic Signature Combat Site Serpentis Hideout 0.0% 3.90 AU WWV-096 Cosmic Anomaly Combat Site Serpentis Refuge 100.0% 3.99 AU XQU-436 Cosmic Anomaly Ore Site Blue Ice Belt 100.0% 4.66 AU ZIH-041 Cosmic Anomaly Ore Site Internal Bezdnacine Field 100.0% 4.55 AU

New NullSec Region has a Blackout Local just like Wormholes. Wormhole exit to new NullSec may be guarded by Faded Hypnosian Preserver Frigates, Faded Hypnosian Avenger Cruiser or Faded Hypnosian Psychopomp Battleship.

Exit Wormholes lead to dangerous part of space or unknown parts of space. Wormhole 0 warp in point is 75 km from the Wormhole much like Drifter Wormholes.

Wormholes that lead to Triglavian space are guarded by Triglavian Battleships, Destroyers and Frigates.

This Triglavian structure is designed to function as a permanent transfer conduit between star systems in the constructed Triglavian region of Pochven. Triglavian Space is made up of systems "woven" together by the Triglavians into an artificial arrangement defined by the Pochven Conduit Loop.

Access to Pochven Conduit Gates is determined by the level of standing a capsuleer has with the Triglavian Collective and requirements may vary depending on the type of system into which the Conduit Gate leads.

Triglavian Stargate Description As with most Triglavian technology, the power for this device is drawn from harnessed space-time singularities. As the conduit clearly uses an array of three such singularities, the energy requirements must be considerable.

Internal Bezdnacine Field - Ore Anomaly in the new NullSec Bezdnacine, Spodumain, Talassonite in equal measure

Ubiquitous Mineral Field - Ore Anomaly in the new NullSec Bezdnacine, Rakovene, Talassonite in equal measure

There's also Blue Ice and White Ice in the new NullSec.

New NullSec has no Asteroid belts.

New occupied Stations Name: Ignebaener IV - Perun Clade Semiosis Theater Description: Triglavian occupation of a space station typically involves converting much of its interior from its former purpose, the Clades apparently being inclined to use the seized station for their own ends rather than destroy a useful asset. The controlling clade has turned this station into a facility that seems to be a combination of communications hub, data processing complex and diplomatic venue. It may be a specialized class of proving center focusing on the semiotic aspects of the profoundly dialectical way of thinking and acting that dominates Triglavian culture. Standing required to access Station services: -0.05 Docking, 3.0 Jump Clone, 1.0 Fitting, 4.0 Industry, 2.0 Repairshop, 3.0 Reprocessing Plant, 4.0 Corporation Offces

To jump in to Otela (connected with 3 other systems) I need 3.00 Standing.

To jump in to Komo (connected with 2 other systems) I need 3.00 Standing.

Orpheus Tyrannos Drifter Battleship spotted roaming around the star.

Agency Overview

Triglavian space consists of the Pochven region, controlled by the Triglavian Collective and further subdivided into three constellations, each controlled by a Clade. This region was formed following the events of the Triglavian Invasion in YC122. The individual star systems were cut off from Known Space due to Triglavian stellar manipulation disrupting their gates. The Triglavian Collective constructed a Conduit Loop linking the systems into the new region of Pochven.

--- Angel Cartel Epic Arc three Starting Agents ---

ObjectiveReport to Abdiel Verat at K-QWHE V - Moon 4 - Archangels Assembly Plant
Ship suggestionTravel fit interceptor
Rewards1,000,000 + time bonus

There are three ways to start the Angel epic arc:

Starter agent: Aton Hordner
Agent corporation: Republic Security Service
Agent faction: Minmatar Republic
Agent location: Egbinger (Minmatar Shipyards)
Standings required: 3.00 (Either Minmatar faction or Republic Security Service)

Starter agent: Arajna Ashia
Agent corporation: Amarr Navy
Agent faction: Amarr Empire
Agent location: Sendaya (Abandoned Research Station Sigma Nine)
Standings required: 3.00 (Either Amarr faction or Amarr Navy)

Starter agent: Ellar Stin
Agent corporation: Dominations
Agent faction: Angel Cartel
Agent location: Konora (The Coward Ellar Stin)
Standings required: 3.00 (Either Angel Pirate faction or Dominations)

Each of these will give you the task to report to Abdiel Verat at K-QWHE V - Moon 4 - Archangels Assembly Plant.