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EVE University Professor Awarded the 13th EVE University Professor, the rarest EVE University Decoration, on 2022/06/06 by CEO Jilokari Kurvora:

Education is at the heart of what we do in EVE University, and one of our best resources for not only Unistas but the majority of Players is our Wiki.

Leading the charge is on this is Arin Mara. Arin's passion and focus on the continuous improvement of the wiki and creating a truly top notch educational resource is amazing! I would like to thank Arin by awarding them with the EVE University Professor Medal.

The Star of Outstanding Service Awarded the 97th Star of Outstanding Service Medal, the highest EVE University Decoration, on 2021/07/02 by CEO Jilokari Kurvora and Director of Education YooJin Moon:

Every now and then a pilot comes along who dedicates so much of themselves to improving EVE University that it changes the very nature of how we do things. Arin Mara has been diligently doing just that. Arin is a volunteer and member of several teams within the Uni but this award is specifically for the outstanding service delivered as a member of the Wiki Staff.

The total overhaul of the Classes pages may look like a nice "refresh" to an old page but the template now enables the Teaching Staff to more easily and efficiently manage that content from a single page and the structure was a vital piece of changing over how we deliver classes and content. The design effort and collaboration that goes into creating that was extensive and has to consider the workflow of how classes are developed and maintained, as well as accessed and used. No small feat and we in the Teaching Dept. greatly appreciate it. I hope those who have stepped up to be Teachers do as well.

Arin also consistently provides analysis and recommendations in a documented fashion to help guide development of the Wiki more broadly and clearly demonstrates leadership and passion for the Wiki.

Please help Jilo and I thank Arin for the passion, thoughtfulness, and effort given these past many months. In honor of that effort I award the Star of Outstanding Service, a rare medal that requires significant dedication to EVE University.

Content Creator Awarded the 41th Content Creator Medal on 2021/02/02 by Wiki Manager Rayanth for:

Consolidating and cleaning up our vast collection of templates, running events with EVE Uni members to tidy up a host of new pages, and an impressive effort on rewriting and updating the articles on The Ploy. Arin has done more for the Wiki than I would typically expect of any one person on the curator team, and they demonstrate a clear vision and dedication to helping to keep the Wiki growing. I am very fortunate to have them on the team, and extremely proud to present to them this Medal.

EVE University Graduate Awarded the 1740th Graduate Medal on 2021/01/21 after six months at the University for:

Demonstrating a mastery of a range of EVE game mechanics and sharing their knowledge and experience with the EVE University community or giving back to the Uni in a meaningful way such as a staff position or content creation.



Date Type Description
2020/08/12 Wiki Updated all Wiki ship Fittings during the Tiercide
2020/08/30 Event Won the 7v7 Symmetric Box Tournament as a Logistician with no ship losses
2020/09/18 Event Red Fleet Commander during the Red vs Blue Spider Mission Event
2020/09/29 Tool Published the Total Loyalty Point Offer Comparator, a spreadsheet of all ISK per LP Offers
2020/10/16 Wiki Updated three Empire L4 Epic arcs: Penumbra, Syndication, Wildfire
2020/10/19 Wiki Improved the Epic Arc navigation culminating in the creation of the Epic Arc Navigation List
2020/10/24 Award Became the 14th Wiki Curator on invitation of Wiki Manager Rayanth
2020/10/25 Outreach Joined the first post-Triglavian Invasion EDI Public Research Fleet
2020/10/29 Event Organized and reported on the Beautify the Wiki Event
2020/12/11 Outreach Corrected a discrepancy on the EVE Online Partnership Program website
2020/12/11 Report Published the Winter Nexus Data Site Items dashboard during the Winter Nexus Event
2020/12/22 Wiki Created The Ploy Pages and Templates for Chris Halsky's guide
2020/12/24 Report Wrote Making of The Ploy, the behind the scenes look at creating Chris' The Ploy
2020/12/28 Outreach Joined and reported on the Extractive Super-Nexus EDI Fleet
2021/01/27 Event Organized and reported on the Beautify the Wiki Event
2021/02/06 Report Published a report on The State of Wiki Templates and their Categories
2021/02/17 Wiki Created the Template:Infobox agent and its four dependencies
2021/02/24 Outreach Joined and reported on a F.U.N. Inc. Event about Swarming Nullsec with Interceptors
2021/03/17 Outreach Successfully decoded the F.U.N. Inc. Triglavian puzzle
2021/03/23 Report Sorted all 237 Wiki Templates into Subcategories
2021/04/09 Report Published a report on State of the Wiki Category:Guides and a made a Sortable Table
2021/04/13 Tool Published the PvP Finder, a spreadsheet that helps find PvP target rich areas
2021/05/09 Report Detailed the 10 week journey about Constructing Templates for Wiki Class Pages
2021/05/16 Outreach Joined and reported on the new EDI Triglavian Stellar Fleet Destruction tactics
2021/05/28 Report Wrote a report about EVE Academy: Wiki and Non-Wiki Resources
2021/06/20 Report Renamed PI and PP to Planetary Industry with 200+ edits and wrote a Report about it
2021/07/08 Guide Wrote the 1000 Venal Guristas Level 4 Security Missions: Anomic Burners
2021/07/11 Event Published the Minmatar Liberation Games Data Site Items dashboard during the Event
2021/07/26 Guide Analyzed and published a Report about Cosmic Signatures in Drifter Systems
2021/10/08 Report Published a Report about Making a Navigational Template on the Wiki
2021/11/16 Event Organized and reported on the Beautify the Wiki Event
2022/02/23 Award Succeeded Rayanth as Wiki Manager
2022/03/12 Event Organized and judged the Beautify the Wiki: EVE University Anniversary Edition Event
2022/04/01 Report Wrote a report about State of the Wiki: March Report
2022/05/01 Report Wrote a report about State of the Wiki: April Report
2022/06/04 Award Became the second person to be awarded both Professor and Star of Outstanding Service
2022/06/06 Report Wrote a report about State of the Wiki: May Report
2022/06/07 Report Wrote a report about Transitioning to EVE University 2.0
2022/08/03 Report Wrote a report about State of the Wiki: June and July Report
2022/08/26 Wiki Wrote a report about Redesigning Category:Missions
2022/08/26 Report Wrote a report about State of the Wiki: August Report
2022/09/25 Tool Created Eden's Loyalty, a downloadable table of all ISK per LP offers

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Event: Beautify the Wiki
Event: Beautify the Wiki

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