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Arin Mara

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EVE University Graduate Awarded the 1740th Graduate Medal on 2021/01/21 after six months at the University for:

Demonstrating a mastery of a range of EVE game mechanics and sharing their knowledge and experience with the EVE University community or giving back to the Uni in a meaningful way such as a staff position or content creation.

Content Creator Awarded the 41th Content Creator Medal on 2021/02/02 by Wiki Manager Rayanth for:

Consolidating and cleaning up our vast collection of templates, running events with EVE Uni members to tidy up a host of new pages, and an impressive effort on rewriting and updating the articles on The Ploy. Arin has done more for the Wiki than I would typically expect of any one person on the curator team, and they demonstrate a clear vision and dedication to helping to keep the Wiki growing. I am very fortunate to have them on the team, and extremely proud to present to them this Medal.



Date Description
2020/08/12 Updated all Wiki ship Fittings during the Tiercide
2020/08/30 Won the 7v7 Symmetric Box Tournament as a Logistician with no ship losses
2020/09/18 Red Fleet Commander during the Red vs Blue Spider Mission Event
2020/09/29 Published the Total Loyalty Point Offer Comparator, a spreadsheet of all ISK per LP Offers
2020/10/16 Updated three Empire L4 Epic arcs: Penumbra, Syndication, Wildfire
2020/10/19 Improved the Epic Arc navigation culminating in the creation of the Epic Arc Navigation List
2020/10/24 Became the 14th Wiki Curator on invitation of Wiki Manager Rayanth
2020/10/29 Organized and reported on the Beautify the Wiki Event
2020/12/11 Corrected a discrepancy on the EVE Online Partnership Program website
2020/12/11 Published the Winter Nexus Data Site Items dashboard during the Winter Nexus Event
2020/12/22 Created The Ploy Pages and Templates for Chris Halsky's guide
2020/12/24 Wrote Making of The Ploy, the behind the scenes look at creating Chris' The Ploy
2021/01/27 Organized and reported on the Beautify the Wiki Event
2021/02/06 Published a report on The State of Wiki Templates and their Categories
2021/02/17 Created the Template:Infobox agent and its four dependencies
2021/03/23 Sorted all 237 Wiki Templates into Subcategories
2021/04/09 Published a report on State of the Wiki Category:Guides and a made a Sortable Table
2020/04/13 Published the PvP Finder, a spreadsheet that helps find PvP target rich areas
2020/05/09 Detailed the 10 week journey about Constructing Templates for Wiki Class Pages


Date Description
2020/10/25 Joined the first post-Triglavian Invasion EDI Public Research Fleet
2020/12/28 Joined and reported on the Extractive Super-Nexus EDI Fleet
2021/02/24 Joined and reported on a F.U.N. Inc. Event about Swarming Nullsec with Interceptors
2021/03/17 Successfully decoded the F.U.N. Inc. Triglavian puzzle

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Tool: Total Loyalty Point Offer Comparator
Tool: Total Loyalty Point Offer Comparator, Triglavian Update

Event: Beautify the Wiki
Event: Beautify the Wiki
Event: Beautify the Wiki
Event: Beautify the Wiki

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