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Jilokari Kurvoraā€ˇ

Jilokari [1] is an EVE University Graduate and serves as Director of Personnel

He can be found online at most hours, trawling the forums and slack. His time zone is GMT.



Jilokari (Jilo to his friends) began his Eve adventure on 8th November 2014, after a few days of wandering aimlessly through space he came across Eve University. Keen to be space rich, improve his skills and get to grips with Eve he applied to join and was accepted on 16th November 2014. After 5 months in the university Jilo was keen to help out and applied for the position of Personnel Officer, a role held from 17th March 2015 until his promotion to Senior Personnel Officer on 16th April 2015, one of the fastest promotions in the Personnel Department history. From there Jilo went on to be promoted to Assistant Personnel Manager in April 2016, responsible for overseeing the department statistics and Senior Personnel Officers. August of the same year saw him promoted once again to Personnel Manager responsible for running the Personnel Department before being promoted to Director of Personnel in January 2018 and finally to Director of Human Resources in April of the same year

Jilokari currently resides in the Wormhole Campus, where his also manages a Citadel Group.

Official Duty in the E-UNI

Director of Human Resources

Jilokari is the Director of HR for EVE University and oversees the Human Resources Directorate and their appointed Managers.

The Director of Human Resources oversees the recruitment, orientation and progression of EVE University students. His job is to enable a smooth transition for new members joining EVE University, and as they progress through the corporation. Rumour has it he also likes cookies and gin.

Wormhole Campus

Jilokari joined the WHC in 2015 and if not scanning away merrily, can be found POS spinning in his Combat Recon. He also manages the HR POS Group, responsible for refueling, rent collection and processing new comers/leavers in the POS.

Chaos Baby

A willing subject of Unstable Unit - Mistress of Chaos, Jilokari is proud to bring a little chaos into daily uni life.


Jilokari is currently holds the following Medals:

Eve University Graduate

Service Medal of Excellence x 3

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