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EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

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EVE University

Campus Groups:

Averon Mining Campus
Highsec Campus
Incursion Community
Low-Sec Campus
Null-Sec Campus
Wormhole Campus

Other Resources

University Forum


Mission Statement

The Campus was founded to provide EVE University students with the opportunity to learn how to....

Our mission includes giving advice for . The Campus enables a cooperative effort in (Inset activities) and educates its members about....

(Managers to add a short paragraph to summarise their campus lifestyle and expectations)

Campus History

The Campus was initiated by AN Other in March 2012. However, they have retired their position in the Campus and moved on to other things in EVE.

A number of criteria were set up to choose a suitable location for campus, concerning its seclusion, accessibility to a central trade hub, profitability, and also the variety among the activities possible around the campus.

In September 2020 the Amarr Mining Campus moved from its home in Amarr space and relocated to the Averon system in Gallente space. At this time it was decided to rebrand as the Averon Mining Campus.

The AMC is currently headquartered at Averon VII - Moon 3 - Caldari Business Tribunal Information Center

Campus Contacts

The Campus is currently managed by:

Nienke Solette.jpg Nienke Solette Send a forum PM

The LSC Manager Oversees the other officers in their duties, Deals with LSC staffing issues, including hiring new officers when required, Acts as a contact point for general LSC related matters, Makes required changes to the LSC, Represents the LSC at Management Meeting. LSC Officers Help maintain the day to day running of the campus. They deal with Hangars, Buyback, Trade, Combat/Defence, Education, Events and Industry.

LSC Officers:

Tolerin Escipion.jpg
Fonggar Akiga.jpg
Asuka Rossi.jpg
Red Fish.jpg
Virgilia Coriolanus.jpg
Tolerin Escipion Fonggar Akiga Asuka Rossi G'monk Red Fish Virgilia Coriolanus

Joining the Campus

Requirements for joining the campus

  • There are no title or skill requirements to join the High Sec Campus. Simply follow the following steps to join HSC.
  • Join the "HSC (EVE Uni)" chat channel (for E-Uni members and their alts only).
  • Complete the Overview Setup Tutorial
  • Create a post in the HSC Hi/Bye forum thread.
  • Once you complete the above you can join fleet, join comms, and just fly down to Amygnon (IMPORTANT: first, read Moving to HSC)

Strongly recommended

When moving to Campus, fly your Uni character down in a cheap ship. Please be aware that trade hubs and pipeline systems in trade routes are almost always camped by hostile corporations and it is not advised to fly through these systems with industrial ships or PvE ships.

To move the rest of your belongings, you can create and use a Hauler Alt, use our free Freighter Service, or ask in mumble/chat for someone to help on their alt character.

What can I do at the JMC?

  • PvE
    • Practice scouting using the Wormhole Campus Scouting Guide
    • Earn ISK by running Sleeper sites with fellow Unistas. Be aware that Sleeper site running is a little different from site running in k-space, as there are no bounties and no module drops. Instead, Sleepers drop Sleeper Components (referred to as blue loot due to its icon colour), as well as valuable salvage.
      • Please do not run Combat Sites or Null Data and Relic Sites in Innuendo - we save these as bait for day-trippers and the more of them we have in our system, the more likely someone will take the bait and run them. You can, however, mine Gas Sites and Ore Anomalies, run Sleeper Data and Relic Sites. If we use up the sites in Innuendo, they take a long time to respawn and that will ensure no visitors, and we want visitors so we can shoot at them.
  • PvP
    • Baiting
    • Practice Combat Probing
    • Ganking clueless daytrippers
    • Experiencing what the lack of local chat or static gates does to PvP
    • Use K-space exits as covert bridges to engage in sudden non-consensual PvP
  • Industry
  • Experience lawless and uncharted space

Campus Rules and Procedures

In addition to the Eve University Rules, the following Campus-specific guidelines apply:


  • When operating in the campus area be in mumble and the Standing Fleet. If there is no Standing Fleet please create one
  • Do not buy or sell within 5 jumps from home station except for NPC seeded items, such as skillbooks. This rule does apply to out of campus and out of corp Alts too. Trade creates traffic into and out of the region, which we want to keep to a minimum. You can however use corporate contracts to buy and sell to other EVE University members.
  • During any campus activity join the AMC channel in Mumble, at least to be able to listen.
  • Only EVE University main characters are allowed on mailing list.
  • Do not mine or stay undocked while AFK. This is for your own safety, as war targets can attack you without interference from CONCORD even in high-sec space.
  • Do not place a MTU on any asteroid belts within 6 jumps of the home system. The exception to this rule is for operations and with FC permission.
  • Help other campus members to learn.
  • Fly what you can afford to lose.


  • Running PVP ops at AMC is not forbidden, but kills and losses must be kept at an absolute minimum.
  • The only exception to the allowed PVP ops is war targets, which can only be engaged for rescue operations or with AMC Officer permission. Instead, dock up until they leave.
  • The EVE University Rules of Engagement apply to any PVP activity within the AMC.


Mission rewards must not be shared with an AMC fleet unless it is a specific mission fleet. Please refrain from taking over someone’s site if they’re in the campus, and respect the rights of other players to the content of the sites even if they are not in the Uni.

Local chat

Local chat is advised to be kept open in a separate window, set up so that the minimum amount of conversation is presented in favour of a longer member list.


Feel free to enter the AMC channel in the Mumble server, but please respect the current conversation when entering. If there is chatter specific to a particular fleet, it is polite to use one of the provided subchannels for said fleet.

HSC Mumble sub-channels

  • HSC PvP - used for any PvP combat, including 1v1's within campus
  • HSC Mining - where miners can chat whilst killing rocks!
  • HSC Missions - somewhere our mission runners can hang out
  • HSC Utility - free-use for anybody
  • HSC Office - staff only
  • HSC Ready Room - is the main channel too loud for you? Get some peace here!
  • HSC Sleeper Room (muted) - going AFK for a few minutes? Drop into the Sleeper room. (Remember to move when you return! This room is muted, so nobody can warn you of local WT's etc in here!)

The in-game chat channel is: AMC (EVE Uni)


Wormhole bookmarks can be created in the AMC Exploration folder within the Corporation Locations. For mapping purposes we use the AMC-Mapper.

Mission fleets can similarly make use of the AMC Mission Fleet folder; and general bookmarks can otherwise be left in the corresponding container within the Freshman Hangar at HQ, to be shared with other AMC members.

Campus Services

Our Structures

  • Amygnon - Hotel Sierra Charlie| Campus HQ\Clone Bay\Corporation Hangars\Market\Docking Bay & Tethering\Insurance Office\Repairshop
  • Amygnon - Karpinski Labs | Corporate Blueprint Library
  • Amygnon - Rivet City| Manufacturing
  • Amygnon - Hive of Industry| Moon and Belt Ore Refinery, 54% Efficiency check out Perfect Refiners for assistance in refining your ores
  • Jufvitte - Miner's Den| Moon Ore Refinery

Other Services

  • Buyback
    • One of the key services of the Averon Mining Campus is the AMC Buyback Service, which lets you sell your ore, gas and ice directly from the AMC home system and the surrounding area. This service offers a higher payout than a new player would otherwise get without significant skills and standings, benefiting from both the higher value of the refined materials along with the prices in Jita, where we sell them - not to mention the logistics of moving it. The fee for this service is 4% of the refined value of the ore, ice and gas submitted, which is automatically deducted from the corresponding Jita-buy prices by the corresponding spreadsheet, so you don’t need to work it out. Said fee helps support the AMC services and hangars - for example, the Half-Priced Mining Barges provided by the campus are funded out of this ISK. With this point in mind, it is recommended to use this service, as not only would you save a lot of effort and typically make more ISK, but you'd help out future AMC members and the campus. Please refer to the corresponding wiki page for more information.
  • Refining
    • The AMC Refining Service offers a perfect reprocessing yield at the AMC refinery. This allows our members to get more materials out of their ore or ice than they would normally do - the outcome of the service will be higher than a perfect refine with 0% tax in an NPC Station. There is no fee for this service. Please refer to the corresponding wiki page for more information.
  • Free Modules and Charges
    • During your stay at the Averon Mining Campus you can make use of the modules, hulls, drones and charges provided through the Corporation Hangar at HQ. These include mining and exploration equipment, burst charges and mining crystals, among other items. A complete list can be found here. For those items pertaining to the campus inventory, and sold instead at Jita-sell price, please contact a Hangar Officer or drop a message in #amc-ping in the AMC Discord with your request.
  • Free Station Containers
    • We provide Station Containers to help you organize your hangars. Just ask a Hangar Officer or drop a message in #amc-ping in the AMC Discord with the required amount.
  • BPO Library
    • We have a large BPO library available for members to make copies for their own use, along with manufacturing and research facilities. Please refer to this thread for more information.

Useful Links

Lillik's Guide to (relatively) Safe Ice Harvesting

Ore Table by Cerlestes.

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