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Just a guy. Don't mind me.


User:Rayanth/Sandbox For New Player Experience (Tutorial) 6/1/2019 Update : Due to several changes in the Agency in the May expansion, and a loss of data from when I started this, I need to start over.

User:Rayanth/SandboxTestingCodes where I test wiki markup code - can just ignore this thing.

Future Plans (Many of these are massive undertakings):

  1. Revamp Mission Reports. Current Mission reports are not uniform in formatting, and in many cases were imported from eve-survival.
    • check each mission page to ensure they are using same/correct formatting
    • set up a project to get them all vetted for accuracy. Many NPC names, drops, bounties, etc have changed over the years.
    • Possibly add a template for NPC Stats
    • relevant: Mission_formatting_guidelines
  2. Begin reviewing all pages marked for Update - huge task
  3. Examine theme usage throughout wiki. some disconnect between overall theme and specific pages (e.g. Ship Details).
  4. propose changes to the Uniwiki editing guidelines. at first glance it's rather daunting and overwhelming to someone who might be new to editing wikis.
    • put together classes on the wiki, and editing it.
  5. Review all Templates in use. there seem to be a lot of duplicates that might be merged, some need to be updated, and many may not even be in use at all.
  6. Template Examples page, to demonstrate each template, and how it looks on the page when used. Easier to identify a template that's needed.
  7. Carefully consider revisions to front page. Thinking more of an Agency-like guide to different sections, possibly with hyperlinked images to make it more visually appealing.
  8. Propose revisions to the order of the University's pages. Particularly the process for recruitment.
    • Rules page is not linked to until "welcome" page which is meant for after you're accepted, but "why do you think the rules are important" is part of application process.
  9. Friendlier Main Topic pages for each category of topics (e.g. Mining) that then link to subpages for details. Wall-o-text pages make it hard to find what you're looking for.
    • Think of it as a class - start with a general overview, branch off into subjects. No need to throw everything at one page.
  10. Validate external links across all pages.
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