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Rayanth is the UniWiki Manager, as well as a Mentor, Teacher's Assistant, and a member of the Events staff. He resides primarily at EVE University's High Sec Campus, although he's known to make a trip to other campuses or join in low-sec roams from time to time, as well hosting occasional Fireworks Fleets. Rayanth is dedicated to giving back to the community, both within EVE University through his roles and responsibilities, as well as to the greater EVE community through his work on the UniWiki. He often asks for nothing in return for his assistance, save for a promise to "pay it forward".

Current Roles and Titles

UniWiki Manager

Rayanth accepted the position of UniWiki Manager in June of 2019. His primary responsibility has been preparing the UniWiki for a software upgrade, which involves rebuilding the Wiki Skin used by the UniWiki, and thoroughly testing the effects of the software upgrades on each of the components of the wiki in general. During this testing, he has also identified a number of new extensions and features to be added in the future, and begun to develop other tools and methods to improve the UniWiki experience overall. The UniWiki Manager also oversees a small team of Curators, who each provide ideas for improvement as well as maintain various aspects of the Wiki in which they have self-identified specializations. If you are interested in becoming a Wiki Curator and helping out - whether you're a member of EVE University or not - please read more on the Wiki Department page.

Teacher's Assistant

Rayanth volunteered to become a Teacher's Assistant fairly soon after joining EVE University, so that he could gain some more experience with organizing and running classes of his own. While he has not managed to teach any of his own classes to date, he does still regularly jump into classes to help out the instructors whenever possible. Teacher's Assistants help out in the virtual classroom by providing links in chat while the instructor is speaking, and keeping track of the in-game conversation to alert the instructor to any questions that may have been inadvertently skipped. They may also help with after-class Practical Exercises, and other tasks as requested by the instructor. If you are interested in becoming a Teacher's Assistant, please read more on the Teaching Department page.

Events Staff

After he realized that a well-learned capsuleer must not only have theoretical knowledge of the space combat and strategy, but practical experience applying that knowledge as well, Rayanth joined the Events Department to help organized Events that would help capsuleers in EVE University practice their skills in safe, fun, rewarding environments. Working with the Events Department, Rayanth has helped create and organize Scan The Can, briefly revived Space Rugby, and assisted in coordination of the Anniversary Week events. He also created the Fireworks Fleets, where pilots bring Hero-Tackle Atrons on a low-sec roam loaded with nothing but fireworks launchers and no misconceptions about the probability of survival. If you are interested in joining the Events team to organize events of your own or just to help out, please visit the Events Department page.


Upon recently earning the title of Graduate within EVE University, Rayanth joined the Mentor program for another avenue in which he can give back to the community. Mentors are matched up with Mentees that have similar interests, playing times, and goals in the game so that they can provide one-on-one assistance to those Mentees and help them grow. Still new to this role, Rayanth hasn't had much to report on just yet. If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, or are a newer player and wish to be assigned a mentor, please see the Mentor Program page.

Dragon Hunter

In the spring of 2019, as part of the EVE University Anniversary Week, the wormhole system that the WHC called home was being harassed by a "large beast" complaining in local chat about the amount of litter and detritus left behind by their operations. As the complaints grew louder and more threatening, WHC called for assistance, and a large fleet of EVE University capsuleers answered the call. Arriving in a fast-travel Atron and expecting to switch to a Talos he had previously stationed at the Wormhole Campus, Rayanth volunteered as a Scout instead, intending to help hunt down the beast. By a stroke of luck, Rayanth managed to warp directly to the location of the target (a Carrier), landed tackle and called for fleet backup. Miraculously, through the battle that ensued (which included an unknown fleet arriving and taking part against both sides), Rayanth's Atron managed to not only survive, but maintain the warp-scramble on the Carrier the entire fight. He was rewarded with the vanity title of 'Dragon Hunter' to honor this accomplishment.

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