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EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

The Events Department is a part of the Education Directorate alongside the Training and Mentor departments. The job of this department is to facilitate events, competitions and tournaments that allow students to put into practice what they have learned during classes. In essence the fun side of the Education Department.


Events Manager

Falck Longbottom

About the Role:
The Events Manager oversees the Events Department, including the scheduling of special events, recruiting Events Coordinators, and supporting students in developing and running their own events. Despite being a manager, Falck's a really nice guy.

Assistant Manager


Special Assistant

Sally Digital

About Sally Digital:
Currently Manager of Project Solitude.
Previously an Events Assistant Manager Sally continues to be associated with the department as a Special Assistant to Mr Longbottom.

Events Staff

The Events Department staff are here to run events and to help anyone else who wants to run an event. They help with planning, logistics, scheduling, and can provide assets and prizes for an event. They also put together event plans and other information resources to help improve events and make running an event easier. Experience can help avoid hiccups and pitfalls encountered in the past.

Feel free to contact any staff member if you want more information or advice.

Kyle Hargrove

About Kyle Hargrove:


What is an Event?

Events are any activity that isn't a class or teaching lecture.

Events allow Unistas to experience what EVE has to offer, and experience can often be the best teacher. Events can be PVP related (although most fleets are run outside of the Events Department), but they can as well be non-combat events like industry, mining, exploration, or sightseeing.

They do not even have to require undocking from a station. For example, lotteries or trivia contests fall under the Events Department remit as much as full blown tournaments with multiple teams and rankings. Events can even happen completely out of game!

Participating in Events

To see what’s on, the best place to look is the calendar, either in game, on Eve Gate, or via our public calendar feed. Most events should be scheduled there at least a few days in advance.

The Corporation Events section on the forums is where you will find information on past and future events, events planning and discussion. All scheduled events should have an accompanying forum post in this section.

To take part in an event, you should read the calendar and forum post for the event you are interested in. These should provide you with clear instructions. Sometimes you will need to reply to the forum post to indicate your interest. This is often the case with team based events or where numbers are an important factor.

Unscheduled events, such as PVP fleets will be advertised in Corp and Alliance chat and in game mail as well as the Corporation Events section of the EVE University forums.

Running Events

Anyone can run an event.

Our aim is to always find a way to run any event idea. But of course, there are certain limits and borders which should not be crossed. Events may not interfere with the continued running of the Uni, and may not breach EVE University Rules without special permission. Events should be scheduled so that they do not conflict with other events or classes.

The Events Page holds many recipes for previously run events, and those planned for future dates.

Please feel free to use our wiki pages as a resource when planning your own event, and don't hesitate to ask a staff member for help! We are happy when we can help you with creating a event which will be enjoyed by many people, because that's our job for which we aren't paid :-D

Jokes aside, you should really consider contacting the Events Department in advance. For example, the ability to schedule an event using the in game calendar is restricted to those with the Sophomore title or above. So if you do not have this title yet, you really should contact a member of the Events Department to make sure that a proper calendar entry is being made. And we would do even more for you here, like making sure that your event appears in the weekly information mail, that it doesn't collide with classes, and so on.

Okay, so you want to run an event. But how to start?

First decide on the type of event you want to run; you can read through the Events and various campus subforums, the Combat Lounge, and also the Event Plans on the wiki for ideas.

  • What will it be about?
  • Who is the targeted audience? Can everyone join, is it for E-Uni students only, does it only concern a campus?
  • Would there be any requirements, e.g. being able to fly a certain ship class?
  • When do you want it to happen? How much time would it take?
  • Will there be prizes? Do you need a budget?
  • Can you lead the event yourself, or do you need a leader?
  • ...

The more you think about an event, the more questions it will probably raise.

You should then contact a member of the Events team to discuss all the necessary aspects.

Once the details are finalised you can post your event on the in-game calendar and Events section on the forum; or you ask the Event Department to do it for you, no problem.

For more information see the Guide to Running Events.

Rules for running an Event

If you have successfully run a particular event before, you are free to schedule and run further events of the same type.

If you are running a particular event for the first time, you must get your event approved by a member of the Event Staff (or in the case of an ILN event, an ILN Lieutenant Commander or above) before posting it up. You should supply a draft of your event forum post detailing rules, prizes, scheduling etc. for their approval. But keep things simple, we are not a government office and we hate bureaucracy, too.

Events should be scheduled so that they do not conflict with other events or classes. The Event Staff will help with that. It is advised for standing events and tournaments to not monopolise the calendar for longer than 2 or 3 consecutive weeks.

During wartime all major events must be approved in advance by the Events Manager, or an ILN Captain or above.

Events involving participants or organizers who are not in E-UNI must receive clearance from the Director of Public Relations or the Fleet Admiral. To avoid irritation, this clearance needs to be received before any external discussions or even preparations take place. This includes the E-Uni forums.

How can we help?

The Events Department staff have experience of running a range of events throughout the Uni and are more than happy to share their experience with Unistas. A quick search of their forum posts will often allow you to identify the most suitable staff member to help with your event - and if it doesn't, feel free to ask Falck and he'll delegate your case to one of his minions.

In addition to guidance in the planning stage the Department can assist with providing prizes, planning logistics and using their experience to drive interest and participation.

Our job is to make sure your events happen!

We will endeavor to help you with what ever you need to make your event a success.

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