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In addition to my WIP pages below, which are used primarily to maintain my work on various articles, I have published a Manifesto of things I plan to improve on the UniWiki overall.

I also have a page where you can make Requests for things you would like to see added to or changed with the Wiki.

General WIP

User:Rayanth/Sandbox For New Player Experience (Tutorial) 6/1/2019 Update : Due to several changes in the Agency in the May expansion, and a loss of data from when I started this, I need to start over.

User:Rayanth/Sandbox2 Notes for starting a section on ESI and SSO

User:Rayanth/SSO Beginnings of a page on using SSO to authenticate a character for ESI

User:Rayanth/SandboxTestingCodes where I test wiki markup code - you can just ignore this thing.

User:Rayanth/SandboxNavBars lining up all the navbars to see if they are uniform

User:Rayanth/SandboxMoS Developing a new, streamlined Manual of Style

User:Rayanth/MissionReports An idea for a restructuring of the Mission Reports page, to add more info and break it up by level/type


Useful References for Future WIP

Structure timers/mechanics:

Works In Progress for the Overall Wiki


Normalizing the right-floated topic navbars, possibly converting them to a template of their own that can be derived from. See User:Rayanth/SandboxNavBars

New Front Page

I've had this idea for a new front page ever since I was working on the new Skin that would allow us to upgrade MediaWiki versions, back in the summer of 2019. Now that some things have settled down a bit in various aspects of my life and the game, I have decided to start working on it, here. User:Rayanth/NewMainPage