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This page should be updated due to game changes. Reason: Needs to be updated for ESI

Fleet-Up is a third-party website that allows you to manage fittings, doctrines, pilots and fleets. It is accessible via both in-game and out-of-game browsers, making importation of fits into EVE easy. All E-UNI Campuses, as well as the Incursion community, maintain doctrines on Fleet-Up.

The direct link to the EVE University group on Fleet-Up is


How to Join Fleet-Up

  • Use the 'Register' link in the menu bar
  • It is recommended to use the Single Sign On method
    • SSO is run by CCP and is completely safe and secure.
    • Be sure to use an account that has an E-Uni character.
  • Click on Groups
    • Join the EVE University group (Owner: Azmodeus Valar)
    • If your Fleet-Up account includes an E-Uni character, you will be able to join it automatically.
    • If it does not show or allow you to join, you may have to wait and try again later.
    • Manual applications to join the EVE University group will be rejected.



  • If you did not use SSO to create the Fleet-Up account, you need to set up your SSO Links.
    • After logging in to Fleet-Up, go to Account > EVE SSO Links and Link your EVE Online account(s)
    • Ensure that you link at least one account that has an E-Uni character.
  • If you have joined EVE University very recently, or joined Fleet-Up only just now, the cache used by the ESI API may not yet have refreshed to reflect this change, so wait a few hours.
  • If you are having issues, ask a campus officer (or ask in E-UNI channels) for assistance.
  • If you are still having issues, contact Kaein Soturus or Azmodeus Valar .
  • If you are a frequent guest FC and would like access without an API you should contact the Director of Special Projects.

How to Find Fits

Once you are logged in with an E-UNI character:

Here you can either click on each hull type, or use the search field to narrow your search.

Fleet-up fittings.png

How to Find Doctrines

Once you are logged in with an E-UNI character:

A list of doctrines will appear, select the doctrine you wish to view.

Once you select a doctrine you can

  • click on the "show flyable" link
  • select your character

and it will display which ships you can fly:


Fleet-up doctrines flyable.png
  • Green indicates all skills met
  • Yellow indicates you can fly the hull but not use all modules
  • Red indicates you cannot fly the hull
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