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CCP provides developers a series of static files, known as the Static Data Export(SDE), which contains static data from the Tranquility server. The SDE is currently exported as .yaml and .static files, however, different and easier to use formats(mentioned below) are made by the community. The SDE can be found at the EVE developers resource page. All resources provided by CCP are subject to the license agreement linked on the page.

Fuzzwork SDE Conversions

To aide fellow developers and players in consuming this data without having to extract or convert from YAML or static format every time Steve Ronuken has hosted conversions in PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, MSSQL, and CSV formats. They can be found at Fuzzwork under SDE or more directly at Individual table data can be found in CSV and SQL (MySQL) formats here

Opening a file from Fuzzwork SDE Conversions

To extract data from compressed files, use tar for .tar.bz2 files or bunzip2 for .bz2 files in linux, and something like 7-zip for either format in windows. Once extracted the files can be opened in the appropriate application that supports the file format.

How does the ESI fit into all this?

The EVE Swagger Interface intends to have endpoints to account for all of the SDE, currently, it's not quite there yet, and the SDE is needed for many projects. The progress can be tracked here.

How to implement the original SDE into your application

Step 0: Preface

This is not a guide to Python or programming, if you don't know how to program, there are tons of resources to learn to code, there are a few of my favorites in the External Links section down below, if your having issues, contact me at Asgore Astroficus (talk).

Step 1: Opening the file

Firstly, find the file containing the data you need, for this example, I'm going to use fsd/blueprints.yaml. This file contains all the information required to build an industry cost predictor. Next, open the file using your desired programming language, I'm going to use python, so to open this I'll run with open("fsd/blueprints.yaml", "r") as f:. The file is open! To the next step!

Step 2: Reading the file

Step 2.1: Installing PyYAML

Assuming you're using pip, this should be as simple as pip install pyyaml. If you having issues, contact me at Asgore Astroficus (talk) or have a look at this article.

Step 2.2: Interpreting the file

Now that PyYAML is installed, we need to use it to parse our file, we have already opened it, so it should just be a matter of parsing it with PyYAML, which can be done by blueprints = yaml.load(f, Loader=yaml.FullLoader), remember to have import yaml at the top of your .py file. Hopefully now if you print out the blueprints variable, your console will be filled with sweet, sweet data and the taste of success. The data will be a dictionary, and the rest from here should be relatively simple, it should just be navigating through the data as if it was a dictionary.

Step 3: Postface

I hope this short guide helped you somewhat get into the SDE, I might write one for the Fuzzwork conversions soon. If you have any issues, pop me a message here Asgore Astroficus (talk).

What each table contains

Table name What it contains
agtAgents.csv.bz2 Contains information regarding agents such as location, corporation, type, level, and locator (boolean)
certMasteries.csv.bz2 What ships have what certificates. In this case, typeID is the ship, and certID is the certificate. See certSkills
chrBloodlines.csv.bz2 Contains information on what race each bloodline belongs to, descriptions.
chrFactions.csv.bz2 Faction IDs, name, and description. Also what race each faction belongs to, and some other misc. information.
chrRaces.csv.bz2 raceID and raceName, iconID and a long and short description (side note, ORE is a race)
crpActivities.csv.bz2 IDK, maybe names of NPC sturcture groups?
crpNPCCorporationResearchFields.csv.bz2 Unknown
crpNPCCorporationTrades.csv.bz2 Information on what each NPC corp sells.
crpNPCDivisions.csv.bz2 Information on NPC divisions, mostly deprecated.
dgmAttributeCategories.csv.bz2 What each categoryID is, and a categoryName
dgmAttributeTypes.csv.bz2 Defines attributes of types (like CPU Load, Powergrid Usage, EM damage)
dgmEffects.csv.bz2 Information regarding effects, such as launching missiles, scaling damage, and the effects skills have.
dgmExpressions.csv.bz2 Information regarding expressions
dgmTypeAttributes.csv.bz2 Provides values for the attributes of a type (how much EM damage does the Mjolnir Cruise Missile do) See dgmAttributeTypes and
dgmTypeEffects.csv.bz2 effectID that each typID had, see also dgmEffects.csv.bz2
eveGraphics.csv.bz2 Information regarding grapics such as graphicID, graphic location, race, and description.
industryActivity.csv.bz2 Contains the number of seconds it takes to create a blueprint product
industryActivityMaterials.csv.bz2 Contains the materials required to create a blueprint product
industryActivityProbabilities.csv.bz2 Contains the outcome and the probability of an invention
industryActivityProducts.csv.bz2 Shows what processes create what (such as what products a blueprint creates)
industryActivitySkills.csv.bz2 Contains information about the skills required to manufacture any blueprint.
industryBlueprints.csv.bz2 Contains the base maximum amount of BPC runs
invCategories.csv.bz2 Category IDs and category names
invGroups.csv.bz2 Contains information on inventory groups, such as groupID, categoryID, and other metadata
invItems.csv.bz2 Information about itemID and typeID, and some others
invMarketGroups.csv.bz2 Defines the market group hierarchy
invMetaGroups.csv.bz2 A small file about meta group ids, such as Tech I, Tech II, Faction, Officer, etc
invMetaTypes.csv.bz2 typeID, parentTypeID, metaGroupID
invNames.csv.bz2 itemID for everything. Not that itemID is not typeID.
invTypes.csv.bz2 Defines the types in the game like market items and celestial objects. Contains typeID, name, description, marketGroupID, ...
mapConstellations.csv.bz2 Constellation position, faction, name, region, name, and radius.
mapDenormalize.csv.bz2 Position, radius, and security status of moons, planets, solar systems, all the way to regions. As such, a very large CSV with more than half a million lines.
mapLocationWormholeClasses.csv.bz2 Each location's wormholeClassID
mapUniverse.csv.bz2 Possibly to differentiate between K-space and J-space? (speculation)
planetSchematics.csv.bz2 schematicID, name, and time it takes to complete that schematic.
ramActivities.csv.bz2 Describes what each R.A.M. does. See Manufacturing
ramAssemblyLineTypeDetailPerCategory.csv.bz2 Information on R.A.M.
skinShip.csv.bz2 What skins can be used on what ships
staOperationServices.csv.bz2 Information about what station types offer what services (speculation)
staStations.csv.bz2 Information about stations, their security level, location, name, reprocessing level, and much more.
translationTables.csv.bz2 Appears to be empty
warCombatZones.csv.bz2 A small file that updates regularly. It contains information about combat zones (FW I think?)

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