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  • CSS Styles should be avoided on individual articles whenever possible.
  • Applied Styles should always consider the following:
    • Print mode
      • Avoid coding background colors, they override Print-mode css and use up toner
      • Avoid coding light-colored text, as they won't be visible on white paper
      • Avoid hiding information between interactive elements, they aren't interact-able on paper
      • Avoid portraying information solely through animations - they will be static on paper
    • Mobile mode
      • Avoid excessively wide minimum-widths on elements, e.g. tables, when possible
      • Try to account for bandwidth whenever possible
      • As with print, provide alternative sources of info that is hidden behind interactive elements such as tooltips. It is difficult to 'hover' on mobile.
    • Accessibility
      • Consider color-blind; only use colored text when necessary, and always use the template for it {{co|}}
      • Don't shrink text to any smaller than it is by default.
      • Always use 'em's when setting font-sizes, elements, etc. These will scale with user's browser settings. Pixels do not.
    • Compatibility
      • Check to ensure target browsers will support the style
      • Minimum Browser support required, based on site visitors:
        • Chrome: Version 72+
        • Firefox: Version 56+
        • Safari: Version 10+
        • Edge: Version 16+
        • IE : Version 11+
        • Opera : Version 62+
      • When possible, include Mobile browsers of equivalent versions in the check.

Wiki Overall

  • The wiki should be accessible to all players of EVE Online, regardless of affiliation or handicap
  • The wiki should be welcoming to new editors and authors, so long as they "play by the rules"
  • The wiki should be easy to edit, with guidelines that encourage doing so
    • Guidelines should be simple and concise
    • Guidelines should be easy to remember, so the MoS doesn't have to be referred to frequently.
    • Guidelines should be relaxed enough that 'minor' edits are not required to fix things if they're just slightly off.
    • There should be no 'fear of reprisal' if rules are 'broken' - just an encouragement to follow them.

Perspective and Language

  • The style guide should account for and permit variations in dialect
  • Articles should be written with a clear purpose
  • The primary wiki shall be written in English - translation wikis, if created, will of course use their own language.
    • No preference for UK/US/Canadian/etc dialect
    • Minor edits to adjust dialect should be avoided.
    • Language and terminology used should account for non-native speakers.
  • Articles should be written in a third-person, passive perspective.
    • Avoid 'you', 'me', 'us', etc. - Articles have no single author, and address the wider audience as a whole.
    • Also avoid gender, unless clear or necessary (e.g. discussing a specific NPC whose gender is known)
    • Rework to "they" in a passive tense - don't make it seem personal
    • Good examples: "A member", "a player", "they"


  • Capitalization should be minimized, except when used to match capitalization as applied in game, or proper nouns.
    • Title case is not necessary in page/section/subsection titles - however if present they can be left alone.
  • Excessively long paragraphs should be avoided if possible
    • Short paragraphs allow the reader to "catch their breath" and "digest" what they've read easier
    • Also easier to find specific info when scanning the page, and remember where they left off when reading in stages.
    • Relevant images and diagrams count for breaking up the content

General Editing Considerations

  • Organize into clear sections and subsections to make it easier to find specific content
  • Consider "Detail" pages when a topic gets heavy, and leave the main topic as an overview with links to the detail pages.
    • Example: Industry is a massive topic, including Research, Invention, Reprocessing, Manufacturing
    • Each are their own topic but "Industry" can be an overview with brief explanations of each, then link to their detail pages.
  • Important! ALWAYS check for pages that link to the article being edited before removing or renaming any sections.
    • Articles may cross-link to a specific subsection, which breaks if the name of that subsection is changed.