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YooJin Moon: Director of Education

YooJin Moon

Some of my activities within EVE University:

Classes I've created:

My current focus is on modernizing the EVE University educational system by incorporating current tool and applications for a more interactive learning experience.
In my spare time I like to PvP and am working on becoming a good FC:

I can usually be found at the LSC campus in Eugales or Archavoinet when not roaming lowsec space looking for fights. I like participating in the public NPSI fleets with The Ancients and Specter Fleet and taking long strolls through Black Rise in the black of space on an absolute zero night.

I am 9+ year EVE veteran and pretty casual and nice person to fly with.

I have an alt who can provide high-level refining services in Archavoinet at LSC Campus refinery and I manufacture small-medium ships and modules and also do PI and Exploration in the LSC area.