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YooJin Moon: Director of Education

YooJin Moon

Some of my activities within EVE University:

Classes I've created:

My current focus is on modernizing the EVE University educational system by incorporating current tools and applications for a more interactive learning experience.
In my spare time I like to PvP, Explore, and run Missions on lower-level alts.

I can usually be found at the LSC campus in Eugales or Archavoinet when not roaming lowsec space looking for fights. I like participating in the public NPSI fleets with The Ancients and Specter Fleet and taking long strolls through Black Rise in the dark of space on an absolute zero night. There is nothing quite like the feeling of pod goo between the toes.

I am 9+ year EVE veteran and pretty casual and nice person to fly with.

I have an alt who can provide high-level refining services in Archavoinet at LSC Campus refinery and I manufacture small-medium ships and modules and also do PI and Exploration in the LSC area.