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Christmas Eagle Logo.png This page provides information on the history of DUST University.
DUST 514, a game for Playstation 3, was shut down by CCP Games on May 30, 2016.
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DUST University

DUST University is a sister corporation to EVE University and a member of the Ivy League Alliance.

Our long term goal is to be recognised as a leading training corporation in Dust 514 in the same way as EVE University is recognised as such in EVE Online.

The principles of DUST University will be the same as our sister corp with the further aim of bringing a bit of maturity and civility to the sometimes rowdy world of the FPS player base.

How to apply to DUST University

DUST University [D-UNI] is now accepting applicants from the DUST client on PS3.

In Dust 514, press L1 or Start to bring up your NeoCom, select Corporation, highlight Search and press X. Type in DUST University and click apply.

Whom do we want in DUST University?

In short, anyone. With the mechanics of the game being what they are at the moment, there are no restrictions, security or standings wise, to joining the D-UNI. This may change with the development of the game mechanics as the beta progresses but for the time being anyone can join.

A mic and headset is not a prerequisite for joining but it is considered a requirement for a Squad Leader in the game to give out orders.

Chat Channels

Chat channels are the main means of communication in New Eden and Dust is no exception. Capsuleers and Dust Mercs can chat with each other using this method, both in and out of corp.

To this end, we have 'Comms.D-UNI' available for the citizens of New Eden to converse. It's currently not password protected but all we ask is that some civility and politeness is exercised in its use.





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This wiki has been assembled using various sources within the Dust 514 community. I want to personally thank them for allowing their efforts to be in the public domain.

Dennie Fleetfoot

CEO DUST University


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