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DUST 514, a game for Playstation 3, was shut down by CCP Games on May 30, 2016.
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The Skill Tree

As of the Uprising build and the official launch of Dust 514 the default way to see the Skill progress of your Mercenary is via the new node based Skill Tree. This is found under Skills in the Character section of your Neocom.

Dust Skill Tree.jpg

There are seven main roots in the tree, listed on the left hand side of the screen. Each of these roots split into different branches, showing you the requirements needed to unlock a certain skill for purchase.

Dropsuit Command

This branch shows the skill progression required to unlock the Light Frame, Medium Frame and Heavy Frame Dropsuits. It also unlocks via Skill Point expenditure, access to the Racial variants of each suit type and finally the specialisation in each Frame class. For example, the Medium Frame dropsuits have Logistics and Assault specialisations.

Dropsuit Upgrades

This branch is where you'll find the skills that effect the abilities of your suits, for example, Armour and Shield Upgrades can be found here. Others skills here can effect the fitting abilities of your suits, enabling you to fit better and higher grade gear.


This branch is where you'll find access to the various weapons in Dust 514. These skills will also increase the abilities and lessen the fitting requirements of each weapon class.

Vehicle Command

This branch unlocks access to the current vehicle classes in Dust 514. As development of the game continues you'll find Racial versions of each class and the addition of new ones, such as Fighters and Speeders.

Vehicle Upgrades

As with the Dropsuit Upgrades this branch deals with the skills that increase and add new abilities to your Vehicles.

Turret Operation

As with the Weaponry branch, this is were you'll find the Skill to unlock and increase the destructive power of your vehicles weapon systems.


This branch is where you will find the skills that allow you to start and control your own corporation.

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