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What you are looking for when mining is a system with a sizable number of asteroid belts that is fairly close to your home base. More belts makes it more likely you will be able to find the kind of ore that you want. Close proximity makes the trip to the processing plant faster.

This list includes systems within 3 jumps of Amygnon. That is close enough to make a fast turn around for processing. Or, if you prefer to dump your ore in containers and return with a cargo ship, you should be able to do a fast pickup run.


Taking Precautions

But safety is also a factor. HSC tends to attract war targets, and criminals find it easy to kill well-filled mining ships to steal the ore.

When enemies jump into a system, they cannot see where any of the ships in the system are located. One way to find these ships is to scan the system, but this takes some time ... and this close to Amygnon they will probably be spotted as soon as they arrive. Another way is to warp to an asteroid belt and hope to find a mining ship to kill. You can improve your safety quite a bit, then, by mining in systems that have a large number of asteroid belts. This makes it less likely that an enemy will jump in on you.

Even this close to Amygnon, be sure to take the standard safety precautions:

  • join the HSC standing fleet and keep the fleet chat channel open to watch for alerts
  • join the HSC Mumble channel and listen for warnings
  • watch the local chat channel and be ready to leave if any blinking red or yellow ships arrive
  • after you start mining, align your ship with a station or gate ... so that you can jump instantly if you are attacked
  • run the directional scanner frequently and watch for ships that put out combat probes.

Asteroid Belts Within 3 Jumps of Amygnon

All systems have omber, plagioclase, scordite and veldspar. "J" marks the ones with jaspet.

System Sec Jumps Belts Ores Notes
Amygnon .5 0 9 Closest
Jufvitte .5 1 11
Sheenins .5 2 18
Ouelletta .4 2 3 J Expect to be attacked
Ansalle .8 2 2
Hevrice .4 2 14 J Expect to be attacked
Gisleres .8 3 27 Highest number of belts
Vay .8 3 7
Melmaniel .3 3 16 J Expect to be attacked
Loes .3 3 5 J Expect to be attacked

Jaspet, Hedbergite and Lowsec Systems

Jaspet is found in 0.4 and lower sec Gallente systems; Hedbergite in 0.2 and lower. Ouelletta and Hevrice contain Jaspet. Some of the systems connected to them contain Hedbergite.

Lowsec mining is possible for careful, experienced miners with the right equipment. However, the lowsec systems near Amygnon are located in a Factional Warfare zone. If you jump in and use your directional scanner, you will almost always see a ship, and that ship will almost always already be trying to scan you. Since the asteroid belts never move, the combat pilots have those locations bookmarked. Within less than a minute of your starting to mine, they can be on top of you. They don't always kill everything they see, but they do it often enough to make these systems extremely dangerous.


Amygnon is the fastest place to mine. But many people at HSC are learning this profession, and "Amy" is the first place they go to try out their skills ... so, you may find a shortage of higher quality ores (such as "Golden Omber" and "Rich Plagioclase"). On the other hand, if war targets arrive, you can quickly jump to safety in the home base.

Sheenins, 2 jumps away, and Gisleres, 3 jumps away, are probably the best choices. With 18 and 27 asteroid belts, respectively, they offer the largest supply of ore. As a level 0.8 system, Gisleres is very secure against criminals, while Sheenins at 0.5 is less so, but one jump closer. Either will probably suit your needs.


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