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Auto linking is a function available in different methods of communication (e.g. chat channel or EVE Mail) where user-typed text can be turned into a link to a character, corporation, solar system, constellation, regio station, item or a chat channel.


Making a Link

There are two methods to auto link one of the above items into a communication.

Drag and Drop

Some items, such as Fittings, items from a hangar, items from market browse tab or characters from the chat roster can be dragged into a chat channel or an EVEMail and a link to that item will be made.


After typing some text into a chat channel, EVE Mail, note, or wherever it may be, you can right-click a single word (e.g. "afterburner" to bring up a context-sensitive menu. The last option on this menu is Auto Link which, when selected, will open another menu. This menu contains a list of all the item types that can be linked. The Auto Link will try and match the single word you right-clicked on wo an item name. A list of potential matches will be shown, and upon selection your selected text will be made into a link.


Highlight & Right-Click

If you want to link multiple words (e.g. "10MN afterburner"), you can first highlight the words, then right-click. The Auto Link will search for items matching those multiple words. Since you have made a text selection, the copy & cut options also now appear.

Highlight right-click.png

Linking a chat channel (UPDATED ↓↓↓)

To create a link to a chat channel you need to know the channel ID. You can find the id in your chatlogs stored in "Documents\EVE\logs\Chatlogs". Each log starts with channel ID and name. For example Chat.E-UNI starts with

 Channel ID:      -4693154
 Channel Name:    Chat.E-UNI

Now you can create the link.

  • 1: Format the link out of game: <url=joinChannel:Channel ID>link text</url>. For example to link Chat.E-UNI write <url=joinChannel:-4693154>link text</url>
  • 2: Paste the formatted link into your notes or evemail. Pasting it into chat does not work.
  • 3: You now have a working link to a chat channel that you can drag into the chat.


Apparently this method DOES NOT work anymore, as channel IDs are non-fixed (i.e. ever changing).

Easy way is: click on your NeoCom Channels icon and you will have neatly organised channels in folders. Ones you are currently in, ones you own and some more on top (usually themed, for factions, for specialisation, for OS, or for rookies, etc. and generally made by CCP).

Linking to a type ID

All autolinkable items and objects can be linked by their type ID too. To do this paste the following to ingame notepad (remember to replace the ID).


For example to link to Rifter you would paste:

 <url=showinfo:587>This is Rifter</url>

Using a Link

Any text that is highlighted orange in a communication is a link to one of the above types of items. Right clicking on this link will open a context-sensitive menu for that item type with actions that can be performed.

When To Make a Link

Generally, if you are asking for any help with a specific object, such as a price check for an item, feedback on a fitting, or assistance in a system, you should try and remember to make an auto link to the item in question. This will allow others to quickly look at the item to give you the information or assistance you need. The easier you make it for someone to help you, the more likely they will.

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