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EVE University logo This page relates to an EVE University service which is no longer active. The information on this page is not current.

The Fleet Commander (FC) Reward program was created to encourage and reward students that plan, schedule and lead fleets out of Slays. The program is intended to promote the increase of combat fleets out of Slays. It was ended in September 2015.


The FC Reward Program will pay 50M ISK to every FC who leads a combat fleet out of Slays, if that fleet has been previously announced and its schedule posted in the EVE University calendar.

When is a fleet eligible for reward?

To be eligible for a reward all fleets must meet all the following criteria:

How do I get paid?

The Fleet Commanders do not have to do anything! At the end of each month the ILN will review all the pre-announced fleets that departed Slays and will determine the appropriate rewards. Payment(s) will be transferred to the FC's wallet for each eligible fleet.