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EVE University logo This page relates to an EVE University service which is no longer active. The information on this page is not current.

The Freighter Production Program was a service rendered by the EVE University Logistics Division, producing freighters of all races using its own set of Blueprint Originals. A new freighter could be produced and launched every two weeks. The Freighters were available for purchase through two different pricing plans, both of which were below Jita prices.


  • Freighters were sold on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Ships were for personal use only.
  • Applicants had to be within two weeks of flying a freighter.
  • Purchases were restricted to one purchase per student.
  • Payment was expected in full at time of delivery.

Pricing Plans:

Plan 1: 3% Below Jita

Members purchased the freighter based on current Jita prices minus a 3% discount. Members brought the ISK and got the ship.

Plan 2: BYOM

Members brought their own minerals to EVE University headquarters and paid a processing fee of 80 million ISK.


 Ship Name  Tritanium  Pyerite  Mexallon  Isogen  Nocxium  Zydrine  Megacyte
Charon 102,969,935 12,627,251 4,654,837 671,108 196,923 30,825 10,489
Providence 93,253,157 12,791,722 4,774,190 698,864 206,521 32,334 11,884
Obelisk 95,003,797 12,588,101 4,686,735 679,873 200,416 31,525 11,261
Fenrir 92,627,929 12,649,360 4,709,685 692,428 204,700 31,796 11,771