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E-UNI Emblem.png This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.

The Ivy League Navy (ILN) was created to improve EVE University's PvP capability. That was accomplished by leading and supporting fleets, gaining experience, and sharing that experience with others. It was overseen by the Director of Special Projects.

Admission to the ILN was by invite only. The criteria they were looking for were:

  • Experience in PVP total
  • Knowledge of flying different ships and roles
  • Ability to command fleets of different ships and roles
  • Helpfulness to others

While they generally looked at all of these criteria, members didn't have to excel in all of them. Extra points in one group could compensate for another one. So members didn't have to FC but it was definitely a plus. Usually members would be approached by the ILN Manager about joining.

In order to promote and encourage budding Fleet Commanders the ILN sponsored the Fleet Command Course (FCC). Participants on the FCC joined the ILN and were commissioned with the rank of Ensign.


Fleet Admiral



Retired Admirals