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A chat channel's Message of the Day (often abbreviated as MOTD) is used to inform the capsuleers in specific communication channels (Corporation chat, Alliance chat, Fleet Chat, etc.) about the rules and the guidelines for that specific channel. Contents of the MOTDs may vary depending on the different natures of the spefic channels. MOTD can be updated by channel moderator or fleet boss.

Capsuleers in communication channels should read the MOTD first in order to get informed about the situation and guidelines. Especially in fleet channels, reading the MOTD right after the joining the fleet is vital and strongly encouraged.


Much alike all corporations and alliances in New Eden, Eve University (E-UNI) has numerous channels dedicated to spesific tasks. Most commonly used ones are campus channels, intel channel, and corporatin channel. Those channels are static channels so each time a capsuleer logs on, those channels are active and running. In addition to those channels, each campus 'usually' have their respective Standing Fleets. Those fleets are formed by a capsuleers who are members of their respective campuses. Due to their nature they are dynamic channels and they are created while forming the fleets and ceasing to exist when the fleet is disbanded.

Information in the MOTD

The information in the MOTD can be static or dynamic. While static information stays "almost" same within time, the dynamic information vary depending on the situation and time. Some channels, such as Corporation Channel, contain mostly static information regarding the corporation (CEO, Home Station, etc.), the channel (Moderators, rules and guidelines, etc) and various related links for quick reference. A good example for the usage of dynamic information is Fleet Channel. Due to the very nature of the fleets, the MOTD of the fleet channel can be highly dynamic (whereas there is still static information inside it). While there is some static information inside the MOTD (such as FC, Staging System/Station, etc.), mission, destination, and some roles within the fleet can vary in time so the MOTD should be updated to keep members informed all the time. Updating the MOTD in such situtaions is also good for keeping the communications clear when it is needed for more important tasks such as relying critical commands and/or information&intel.

Importance of a MOTD

  • It conveys the important information to the capsuleers regarding your communication channel and/or fleet.
  • In combat situations, fleet commanders need the communication line to be clear for himself/herself and/or for officers, so keeping MOTD updated (by fleet boss/commander) and reading the MOTD (by fleet members) can take considerable load off the communication channel.
  • If you do it right, it looks so cool (OK, you can read this as 'professional').

How to set a MOTD


In order to create a MOTD, click the 'cog' on the chat channel box. From the menu, click 'Open channel settings window'. Type your message in the pop-up box and click OK.

This part will be enhanced with graphics soon.

Tips for setting a good MOTD

  • Keep the MOTD tidy : Only put important information into the MOTD to keep it tidy and as short as possible.
  • Highlight vital information : You can use coloring and text options to emphasize vital information and/or categorizing information.
  • Instead of using the whole URL in the channel you can create a link to that URL through a related text/word.
  • Update the MOTD whenever it is needed : A change in fleet roles, a change in objective or destination, etc. should be reflected.

Example MOTD

Welcome to the Task Force !

Staging : Amygnon - Citadel 101
Comm. Channel : Fleet > Alpha
FC : Kora K
2IC : Breeze One
Scout : Union Pivo
Vanguard : Ersin Oghuz

>> Fleet Rules <<

  1. Do NOT go AFK while in fleet. If you are going to be AFK, first inform the FC, then dock up and leave the fleet beforing being AFK. You can rejoin the fleet after you return.
  2. Do not reveal the fleet position&composition in local chat and other chat channels (including corporate channels as well).
  3. Be in Mumble Chat if required.

So here you can see several vital information :

  1. Information about Staging system so fleet members know where to meet.
  2. Information regarding communication channel on Mumble so fleet member can read it and join the relevant channel without any further assistance.
  3. Information regarding leading members such as FC, Logistics, Scout etc so fleet members can add them to watchlist and follow the fleet hieararchy.
  4. Fleet Rules is clear at the end so members act accordingly.

How to save a MOTD

Although it is not possible to save the MOTD iteself, it is possible to save a fleet MOTD via "Store Fleet Setup" option. While storing your fleet setup, you can check the "Store Message of the Day" option and store it as is in order to use it in a later fleet.