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Mining Missions Near High Sec Campus

If you are at the beginning of your mining career, you have probably just finished the E-UNI Mining 101 course, or at least read the Mining 101 Syllabus. The bottom of that page shows some basic fits for the Venture mining frigate, and by now you likely own a Venture and have mined and refined a fair amount of Veldspar and Scordite in the local system. At this point most players are starting to think about what comes next.

As a novice miner, one interesting thing you can do with your Venture is to run "mining" missions. These are given out by agents at various stations, and the beginning Level I missions are ideal for a Venture with a basic mining fit. The rewards for completing these missions include loyalty points that can be exchanged for implants that improve your mining and processing abilities. Among the implants useful to mining are: Zainou 'Beancounter' Refining (reduction in refining waste), Michi's Excavation Augmentor (increase in mining yield), and Inherent Implants 'Highwall' Mining Upgrades (reduction in CPU for mining upgrades). Here is a full list of hardwired skill implants.

Mixing missions in with your regular mining can help break up the monotony of prospecting, and it will not take long to build up enough loyalty points to buy your first implant. Also, if you mix regular mining with mining missions, by the time you are ready for Level II missions, you will have trained enough skills to be able to run the Mining Barge that you will need in order to do those missions efficiently.

Agents with Mining Missions Near the HSC

Astral Mining and Chemal Tech both offer mining missions in nearby systems. Chemal's level I agent is in Gislers, which is close ... both an advantage and a disadvantage (due to local combat in war time). Astral's level II and III agents are in 0.5 space with an adjacent 0.4 system ... which is good if you plan to try higher risk mining while running your missions, but probably bad if you just want to run lots of missions as fast as you can. Astral does have a nearby level III agent in a high sec system.

  • Both corporations offer a full range of mining implants in their company stores. And both have level IV agents nearby, if you should eventually need them.
  • If you are also training Industry, many of these agents' stations offer the Industrial service. And all are close enough, and their routes safe enough, for easy hauling back to Amygnon.

Storyline Agents: a Storyline Agent is one who gives special missions that yield extra reputation with the corporation. Storyline missions are offered every time you complete sixteen missions with the corporation, and the offers always arrive by mail. Storylines are important because the reputation boost that they give you is quite large.

Although Chemal Tech would seem to be the better choice for mining missions, as its agents are in safer systems, all of Chemal's storyline agents are roughly 25 jumps away from the High Sec Campus and about the same distance from its level II agent. Astral Mining's storyline agents are all within 13 jumps of the HSC and within about 5 jumps of it's level II agents.

In the end, the two corporations are roughly equivalent. Pick Chemal if you want to run safer missions and are willing to travel a ways for your storylines. Choose Astral if you are willing to deal with a bit more danger and want a shorter trip for your storylines.

Here are the names of the agents and their locations. You can look the systems up by typing the star name into your map. You can find the agents by typing their names into the People & Places search box.

Astral Mining

Waldrell Losschyve, Level I
  • Metserel V Moon 8 Astral Mining Inc. Mineral Reserve
  • High sec 0.7, 6 jumps from HSC
  • One adjacent low sec 0.4 system
Wiresscherlin Barrerie, Level II
  • Stou VIII Astral Mining Inc. Mining Outpost
  • High sec 0.5, 8 jumps
  • One adjacent system low sec 0.4 system

Note: Astral Mining has a Level II agent in Agrallarier, a high sec 0.9 system. However, Agrallarier is near the route to, and fairly close to Dodixie, a major trade hub that often attracts E-UNI war targets. It's best to stay away from there.

Auntoi Mantenault, Level III
  • Stou II Astral Mining Inc. Mining Outpost
  • High sec 0.5, 8 jumps
  • Same station as level II agent
  • One adjacent low sec 0.4 system
Cocier Riesves, Level III
  • Arraron III Astral Mining Inc. Refinery
  • High sec 0.5, 7 jumps
  • System next to Stou, a bit closer to HSC, has the same adjacent low sec 0.4 system
Olcard Dehette, Level III
  • Eglennaert I Moon 11 Astral Mining Inc. Mineral Reserve
  • High sec 0.7, 13 jumps
  • Fully high sec with no adjacent low sec systems

Chemal Tech

Buneie Feritte, Level I
  • Gisleres V Moon 8 Chemal Tech Factory
  • High sec 0.7, 3 jumps from HSC
  • Close to HSC, War Targets and Criminals in the area, fully high sec with no adjacent low sec systems
Avagher Crerant, Level II
  • Atlangeins V Moon 11 Chemal Tech Factory
  • High sec 0.9, 8 jumps
  • Fully high sec with no adjacent low sec systems
Hedoubel Crens, Level III
  • Doussivitte VIII Moon 8 Chemal Tech Factory
  • High sec 0.8, 12 jumps
  • Fully high sec with no adjacent low sec systems

Invention Standing and Core Complexion

If you intend to pursue Invention, you should note that neither Astral Mining nor Chemal Tech offers R&D missions. In that case you might want to consider Core Complexion, Inc. This corporation offers mining missions in the region, and the reputation gained may be useful for R&D missions later in your character's career. Core Complexion is a very large corporation, however, with sixteen storyline agents spread all over the map. If you need standing with Core Complexion, the travelling is probably worth it ... otherwise, not.

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