NSC Campus Defense Ship Supply/Creating the contracts

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A step by step guide and some tips on providing ships for contracts.

Save the fitting

  1. In Fleet-Up, click on the ship you want to copy
  2. Select "Export and links" and choose "EFT/Clipboard export"
  3. Click in the box (it highlights everything) and copy
  4. Open your fitting window in EVE
  5. Choose "Import & Export" and then select "Import from Clipboard"
  6. Change the name at the top to what you want the ship to be named
  7. Click "Save" at the bottom

Fitting the ships

(If you don't use station containers skip to step 3.)

  1. Empty your item hangar of everything but containers
  2. Drag everything from the station container to your "Item Hangar"
  3. Go to your ship hangar and find the packaged ships
  4. Right-click, choose "Multifit...", select the fit which you want. (e.g. T2 Tackle Slasher)
  5. Choose the number of ships you want to fit. Put a check in the "Fit Rigs?" box and then click on "Fit Ships"
  6. The ships should now be fit in your ship hangar

Finding your price

  1. Right-click on one of the fit ships and "Simulate Fit"
  2. Click on "Import & Export" and select Copy to Clipboard
  3. Open up https://evepraisal.com
  4. Paste into the "Quick Estimate" and click on "Submit"
  5. You will see an estimated sell value listed. Multiply this by 1.1 and you'll find your contract price

Creating the initial contract

(If you have old or existing contracts for the fit, you can jump to copying contracts.)

  1. Right-click on the ship and select "Create Contract"
  2. Select options "Item Exchange", "My Corporation" and click next
  3. Check that the proper fit ship is selected and click next
  4. In the "I will receive" box, put the price you came up with in the step above
  5. Add a description. If this is a reshipping contract, it must follow the Reshipping Dashboard exactly.
  6. Set expiration to 4 weeks
  7. Click on "Next"
  8. Check that the items for sale list is correct and click on "Finish"

Copying a contract

  1. Open up an existing contract for the same ship you are wanting to put on contract
  2. Open up the menu to the bottom left, the bars, and select "Copy Contract"
  3. Hit "Next"
  4. Check that the proper ship is selected by scrolling down. If it's the wrong ship selected, deselect it and choose the correct one. Click on next
  5. Check the price, adjusting if needed. Click on "Next"
  6. Check the details. Make sure the price is correct, and that the items show up on the For sale list. Click on "Finish".

Tricks to make this easier

  • It's very handy to have a container to store all of the components for a certain class of ships. A Station Container works best as you can also store the packaged ships in it.
  • Only have the ships you want to have of that type in your ship hangar when copying contracts. I.e., if I'm contracting Osprey T2 ships, I will move all other Ospreys out of my ship hangar. Unfit ships can be kept in a Station Sontainer. This makes it so that Copy Contract chooses the proper ship.
  • To clear your hangar you can also move fit ships into a corporation hangar - remember to grab them back afterwards! - or onto a ship with a ship maintenance bay such as a Bowhead.