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This article details a staff position internal to EVE University that mediates internal conflicts. For information about how EVE University mediates external conflicts, see EVE University Diplomacy Department.
EVE University logo This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

The role of the Student Advocate is to provide a voice for the student body to the EVE University Directorate and management, and to mediate conflicts between University members. Student Advocates function similarly to the CSM, in that they filter popular issues and concerns raised by the student body and bring forward those that are deemed most important. EVE University contains a large number of players representing a diverse range of cultures and nationalities; when an issue arises it is the goal of the Student Advocate to bring the situation to an amical resolution that allows members to continue to enjoy their time in EVE University.

Student Advocates

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What are the duties of the Student Advocate?

The chief responsibility of the Student Advocate is to help ensure that the Uni is operating as smoothly as possible and that all members (and departments) are following all applicable policies, procedures and protocols.

A Student Advocate will:

  • Mediate when issues arise between University members, staff, or management.
  • Monitor and moderate University chat channels and Mumble.
  • Provide input where needed to all the Divisions of the University to ensure student needs and expectations are being met.

The Student Advocate has no authority to change policy or independently act in establishing it. They can mediate disputes from a position of authority within the confines of established policy at the direction of senior management.

What to do if you have a problem or conflict

If you have a disagreement with another Uni Member, a Member of Staff, a Manager, or even a Director that remains unresolved or can't be resolved by yourself, do not hesitate to talk to a Student Advocate.

Before you do, you should make a reasonable effort to resolve the conflict yourself. Remember EVE is a social game, there is another person behind that avatar, who like you has a goal of enjoying the game. Communicating effectively and respectfully is necessary for your success here at EVE University. Also remember that sometimes conflicts develop from simple misunderstandings or "information differentials", where you may not have the same information another member has. Directly communicating by private convo, EVE mail, or forum PM may be all that is necessary to resolve whatever conflict there is. And it's much more rewarding to build lasting relationships as well, so try that first.

If that fails:

  • First, consider that if your disagreement involves a Staff Member, Manager, or Director, they may be reminding you of, or enforcing, University rules and policies and Student Advocates do not have the authority to change that policy.
  • Complete the Student Advocate Contact Form outlining your concerns and the first available Student Advocate will get in contact with you to start the resolution process.
  • Contact a Student Advocate via forum private message, or eve-mail with your concern. Your chatlogs or copies of EVEmails, forum PMs and/or any other correspondence as these will help us get to a resolution quicker.
  • Always talk to one of us first, as things tend to escalate quickly and often in unexpected and unpleasant ways which even more often leads to increased conflict. So please, do not discuss your conflict with others or bring it forward to other Staff, Managers, or Directors.
  • Please be patient and give us some time to investigate and understand your issue.
  • As a mediator, our job is to facilitate a resolution process and help both parties towards a mutually beneficial settlement of your differences. Our role is NOT to impose or force any resolution upon either party nor decide any aspect of your disagreement. We are impartial and have no interest in the outcome. Your role is to earnestly participate in the process in seeking that settlement.
  • You need to follow the Student Advocate's instructions during the dispute. They are designed to keep the conflict contained and prevent it from worsening and creating delays in resolution.
  • All information you provide to the Student Advocate in the dispute is confidential. Communications made during the mediation process are confidential, except where it is in violation of the EULA.

We are here to help resolve conflicts between you and the other members quickly so we can all get back to enjoying the game, which is why we are here.