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A Damsel in Distress

A Damsel in Distress

Book: Book ONE: So You Want to be an Explorer?
Chapter: Chapter Two
Previous Quest: Sister Alitura
Next Quest: Secret Activities
Your Target: Find the Damsel.
Reward: none
Your Mission
Incoming Transmission

You spent quite some time in the Sisters of EVE Bureau within the Caldari station which orbits Moon 3 of Arnon IX. This would be a rather boring place, if it weren't for all those capsuleers who arrive here seeking the aid of the Sisters. The Sisters of EVE seem to run some kind of charity, but you can sense there's a lot more happening behind the curtains. You already saw some women wearing the Sister's garments entering and leaving scientific areas of the station which are otherwise off limits.

But for now, you enjoy the sights of the docking frigates and the many other capsuleers which have appointments at one of the Sisters' offices in the station. Most of the pilots seem to be rather young - some of them look shy and cautious, while others seem to hide their lack of experience behind huge sunglasses, tattoos and loud-mouthed attitudes.

Suddenly an incoming transmission on a nearby communications terminal pulls you out of your daydreaming.

"Starhopper!", shouts Abraham Grunts voice at you. "Answer the call, it's urgent!"

So many interesting people here, and now the only person you do NOT look forward to seeing is on you again.

"I'll make it short this time, Starhopper.", Grunt grunts. "There seems to be a problem. Have you ever heard of Professor Morghulis?"

That name sounds vaguely familiar, but there's not really a bell ringing in the back of your head while you try to remember where you heard the name before.

"You look as clueless as ever!", Grunt laughs. "That's my little Starhopper. Still moist and green behind the ears and the facial expression of a newly forked clone as soon as I ask a question. Okay, listen to me. Professor Morghulis is, or maybe was, some kind of living, and now maybe rather dead, legend among Amarrian scientists and explorers. He got famous for travelling into the far reaches of New Eden before anyone else, and he created the very first catalogue of the outer regions, their planets, moons and resources. Obviously a man with many talents, and too much time on his hands."

Yes, now you can remember the name again. The Morghulis Map Project on one of the Amarr home worlds has some historical and scientific relevance for the slavers. You didn't know that this man is still alive... or at least has been until recently.

"The professor disappeared without a trace a few days ago and some people are very nervous that it could be somehow connected to the Thukker attack in Yulai. After all, Professor Morghulis is a prime target of anyone who wants to annoy the hell out of the Amarrians, and who hates them more than the Minmatar? This may be a huge Thukker publicity stunt, maybe they took the professor as a hostage or so."

Abraham Grunt's face shows some signs of disgust. Taking hostages doesn't seem to be a business he appreciates.

"There is just one thing missing in this picture: Professor Morghulis himself. There's been no message from the Thukker vagabonds, no ransom note, nothing. So some trigger-happy people from the highest Amarrian ranks are getting nervous now. It seems like those arrogant snobs don't like the idea that they lost one of their most famous researchers without a trace, and they contacted me for help."

I think I know how this little briefing will end.

"Starhopper, I want you to investigate the constellations surrounding your current location. The Professor was last seen when he boarded a flight on a ship called Damsel, which was part of an Amarrian convoy. They were headed towards the Sisters of EVE Bureau where Morghulis was going to meet Sister Alitura, but guess which ships never arrived there. Try to find out something about the Damsel's whereabouts. But be careful. If my information is right, that convoy was guarded by at least one Dreadnought, and nobody should lose a Dreadnought without knowing exactly what's going on. Not even the Amarr. Over and out."

Okay, so I am a investigator now. But where to start looking? Maybe Sister Alitura knows more.

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Sol arisa keʹaide (talk) 08:20, 19 September 2015 (CDT)
Enter your comments and screenshots below... you should haven gotten the idea of how to do it until now :-D

Zebulon tucker (talk) 12:39, 17 March 2016 (CDT)
Poor professor...and scratch one Dreadnought!
Zebulon Tucker

Caitlyn semah (talk) 15:47, 27 April 2016 (CDT)
I think I was supposed to screenshot the dreadnoughts when I saw them, but I finished the agents mission before turning the page here and seeing that. So here is a screen shot showing me on the next mission.
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