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Book: Book ONE: So You Want to be an Explorer?
Chapter: Chapter Three
Previous Quest: Quantum Rise
Next Quest: Gateway to the Past
Your Target: Navigate your ship close to Arment Caute's Lachesis at the Gallente Counter-Intelligence Center.
Reward: none
Your Mission

It's another evening at the bar, and another evening with your fellow unistas from the HSC. The data you gathered at the stone circle is still in the labs, and up to now you have not received any news concerning the the Professor's whereabouts. Instead, the current political developments are the topic number #1 everywhere in the station, the news, in comms... it's impossible to escape them. And it's not different here, on the table where you, Marruk Urli and LeFleur do your best to drown in endless waves of Quafe Zero which the bartender serves to you.

"New Eden isn't exactly well-known for its stable political dynamics, you know.", LeFleur rants. "The Gallente, the Amarr, the Caldari, the Minmatar... each of those empires is a helpless case when it comes to their internal affairs, and their foreign politics... well, you can call it broken, you can call it a mess, but however you name it, it'll be an understatement."

"Like the Amarr being unable to keep their own Houses under control.", Marruk nods. "Ever since the assassination of the Empress. It's a miracle that all the internal struggles which followed since then didn't cause the empire to implode."

"Amarr is not the real problem here. I don't believe this.", Lefleur remarks while sipping on her pint of Quafe Extreme. "I don't believe that the Solitude attack is a result of those power struggles between the Houses. That's what the Imperial Succession Trials are here for. The Houses can let off their steam and even though Amarr is highly unstable until the successor for Empress Jamyl I has been designated, I can't imagine that there might be a connection here."

In the HSC Bar, Image via Crossing Zebras,

"House Kador could be pissed that they didn't make it into the final round of the trials...", Marruk thinks aloud.

"And so what?", LeFleur asks him. "You think this could be a reason for Uriam Kador going insane and attacking the Gallente? I don't think so. The finalists of the Succession Trials are the Heirs of the Houses Tash-Murkon and Kor-Azor. I would understand if Kador tried to get them out of the way and clear his way to the Throne with brute force, but the Gallente?"

"Anyway, it doesn't matter.", Marruks sighs. "The Gallente wiped the floor with Kador. Kador's defeat was devastating and it's unlikely that Uriam Kador wil be in any position which could give him any power outside of his own region within the next decades."

"But why do this in the first place?", LeFleur wonders. "I can't see any reasoning behind it."

"Maybe the Gallente do.", comments Marruk.

"Yes, maybe...", LeFleur whispers, lost in thought. Then she raises her head a bit more and looks straight at you. "Starhopper, are you currently busy?"

Oooooh, I don't like that look on your face, LeFleur.

"If you find the time, I might have a job for you. But keep it confidential, okay? It shall never leave this table." LeFleur looks pretty serious about this, so what other choice than helping her out do you have?

Spill it out, LeFleur.

"The Gallente have a surveillance outpost in Orvolle. That's a shitty little border system near the EVE University headquarters. A haven for lowsec pirates and gankers. They usually don't like us very much, and our Logistics department and individual haulers certainly doesn't like them, but we keep good contacts with a double agent over there. Her name is Arment Caute, and I would appreciate it if you could seek her out."

Okay, where to find her and what shall I tell her?

"There's no need to talk to her. She probably won't talk to you anyway. The Gallente monitor all the communication within Placid and the neighboring regions, and certainly Caute's not going to give you any intel right under their noses.", the commander explains. "She's flying a Lachesis and is often docked up at the Gallente Counter-Intelligence Center. Just travel to Orvolle and fly by Arment Caute's ship in short distance, as if you are looking for a place to dock. As soon as you are within 2 kilometers of her Lachesis, an automatic encrypted information exchange with your vessel will be initiated. The information will be encrypted within radiation of Caute's ship scanner, and nobody will suspect anything if she scans a ship which is approaching her on close range. I'll make sure Arment Caute will be informed about your arrival in time, and let's see if she knows anything which could help us understand what's going on here. After all, our people are in Solitude and we want to keep them safe, right?"

Okay, so it shall be. Orvolle, Counter-Intelligence Center. You can count on me, LeFleur.

"I know that I can. After all, you are a unista. Oh, and there are two possible routes to Orvolle. The short one leads you through Low-Sec, so if you want to take this route, better fly a cheap frigate or take a fleetmate with you. The safer route is pretty long, and don't forget to keep an eye on your overview for war targets if you take that one. Have a nice day out there!"

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