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War Preparations

War Preparations

Book: Book ONE: So You Want to be an Explorer?
Chapter: Chapter Three
Previous Quest: The Roden Conspiracy
Next Quest: Fleets and Bookmarks
Your Target: Investigate the rumours of Jacus Roden manufacturing Megathron battleships.
Reward: none
Your Mission
Incoming Transmission
"Well, this is rather unpleasant."

It's pretty obvious to everyone in the room that LeFleur is deeply concerned.

"After a thorough analysis of the images our new recruit Starhopper shot for us, and decyphering the steganographic messages hidden within, we found some information hinting at the reasons behind the Solitude attack and the current fleet deployments in The Forge. Last week, one of our agents delivered us some intel which suggested that the industry tycoon Jacus Roden might be the driving force behind those incidents."

The attending crowd of officers, sophomores and freshmen begins to mumble. The news seem to be suprising to many, even shocking to some. After half a minute of heated discussions among the attendants, LeFleur raises her hand and the crowd silences again.

"The EVE University management is aware of the implications of such an accusation. We have run those input parameters through our quantum server farms, and the simulations gave only one scenario with a high probability as a result: Jacus Roden is preparing a coup, trying to overthrow the existing government of President Souro Foiritan, claiming the presidency over the Gallente Federation for himself."

Marruk steps forward and addresses LeFleur directly. "What would be the probability for this scenario? Are we sure about this?"

LeFleur nods. "Sadly, we are pretty sure. The probability is above 80%."

The audience starts discussing again. You notice that some students, seemingly of Gallente origin, are trying to leave the auditorium, but their way is blocked by guards.

LeFleur waits patiently for the audience to calm down this time, which takes nearly two minutes. Then she continues her speech.

"We are aware that such accusations are based on facts which would be nearly impossible to keep up in public. For this reason, we need to make sure that this information is treated with high confidentiality. The risk is too high that EVE University might become a target of Roden's fleets. We already located several Roden spies in our ranks, isolated them, and short-circuited their jump clone network implants. Please be aware that for the time being no students are allowed to leave the station without permission by the HSC Campus Management and that all external communication link modules have been shut down until we managed to find some rock solid proof of Jacus Roden's involvement. You are dismissed. Starhopper, not you."

You wait patiently until all the students left the auditorium.

"Okay, Starhopper. listen."

Yes, LeFleur?

"You are aware of the delicacy of the current situation. So I have a mission for you. The rumour is that Jacus Roden currently manufactures dozens of Megathron class battleships for a staged attack on the Caldari Leviathan which entered The Forge. This would be the final drop which makes the barrel overflow and the Caldari would officially declare war on the Gallente Federation. The Minmatar would most likely assist their Gallentean friends, which would lead to a confrontation with their old slave masters, the Amarr Empire. A full-scale war would weaken the Federation and President Foiritan's forces enough for Roden to invade the Federation Home System of Luminaire, kill the President, and take over the government."

You nod. Sounds like a reasonable plan.

"Starhopper, our intel has reported that the Roden Shipyard in the system of Heluene in Solitude, just a few jumps away from the system where Kador had attacked the Gallente, is already in full swing. But Solitude is an island within Nullsec, and it is unlikely that they'll open a jump bridge or light a cynosural field to bring those battleships into Empire Space. This would send shockwaves through all four empires. No, we believe that Roden has started building Megathron battleships somewhere in Verge Vendor, maybe even within 10 jumps of Amygnon. I want you to head out and search the region. And if we are right and Roden builds a Megathron fleet, I expect you to find it and report the location."

Okay, commander. That sounds pretty logical and not too hard.

LeFleur hands you a document.

Dotlan Overview of Roden Manufacturing Locations

"Our friends at Dotlan sent us a list of all Roden Shipyards within empire space.", she explains. "All those spots listed here are potential locations of interest to us, but we will focus on the ones near our station. This means those in Verge Vendor. Please check those first. Make sure that you're not detected. We rely on you here, since we want to keep the number of people involved in this matter as small as possible, and you already proved valuable during your last missions."

LeFleur pauses and looks at you. "Any questions?"

No, Madam.

"Good. Have a nice day, and fly safe."

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