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Bairfhionn Isu

Bairfhionn Isu is a EVE University Graduate and a former Director of Education. For two years, she was responsible for for keeping the cornerstone of EVE University running.

She found a home in EVE University's environment of joy, laughter and blobs. After six months, she took over as the Events Manager. Nine months later she stepped forward to take over the job of Director of Education. If she can manage it, she flies into lowsec to jam her enemies into frustration and to lose some more Scorpions.
She still has a lot to learn and can often be seen participating in classes and events in the University.

In March 2014, she suddenly became sane and resigned the Director of Education post, in order to undock and look at the stars every once in a while.

Ways of Contact

To contact her for some chitchat or to talk about stuff just write a mail ingame/convo her or contact her via forum private message.

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