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S'bu Zithembe

Trader Extraordinaire

Purveyor of aphrodisiac vitroc to the active Amarr Noble, avant garde Minmatar engine room recordings for the discerning Gallante critic, shares of Jovian corporations for the successful Caldari businessman, and a Shroud of Khumaak to connected Minmatar industrialists. Discretion has a price. The wonders hidden even in the black markets can be yours if you have the true coins of trade.

A strong back and rebellious nature was all the Amarr saw before I traded on those traits for a ship off their slave world. Many may now see me as some irrelevant greedy merchant, but they are only walking in the custom officials footsteps. As my skills grow I hope trade for more than a couple of isk and a crate of Tritanium.

Interests and Goals

I am enjoying my time with Eve University. The University and this wiki are helping me learn many things in Eve. In the long term I am hoping those skills will help me find a group of friends to explore all the way into wormholes and null sector. In the short term I would like to work on this wiki adding additional learning methods and helping organize the materials.

Wiki Issues

I am extremely frustrated trying to organize the wiki. I would love to be able to find all of the interesting things in the wiki, but the organization is rather random. There are other things I would like to fix but are problematic.

Alt - The Lexicon alt tag should reference the E-Uni alt acceptance policy. Of course at the moment I cannot find that policy.

Skills - The skills page looks great, but I would have never found it. The person who showed me it said it needed lots of work. It looks good to me, and their is no discussion describing the work needed.

Category:JenLooMiningTaleContest - Nice Fiction! To bad it is hidden. Could there be a Fiction category off of the main wiki structure?

Ship Classes - The first page I might be able to write for. The list of ships does not make sense here given the Alphabetical Ship List appears to be more comprehensive. On a second look I see that Kelduum was working on it and it seems to be in active use to identify restricted ships in the policy. Perhaps that information would be better consolidated in the Alphabetical Ship List. I could also write up a little intro telling you how to sort for the specific pieces of information.

Category:Skills - This category has a number of things in it but it is not linked in the basic Wiki Structure. The Wiki information page is also not listed in the wiki structure, though there may be some reasons for that.

Category:User Interface - This category is small and except for the overview instructions pretty weak. The idea has some merit though. Perhaps it should be added to the Wiki Structure page along with Category:Getting Started. I stumbled across the Audio Alerts page. It was an interesting and potentially quite useful page so I put it into Category:Guides. After finding the User Interface Guide I have removed it from guides and put it into Category:User Interface.

Arby - Added the Arby to the Eve Lexicon to complement the Domi already there. It might make some sense to take those links elsewhere since there are lots of ship nicknames.

3rd Party Tools - This is in a category all by itself called Category:Software. Perhaps that category should be removed. The 3rd Party Tools page provides a good listing of all the additional software so the category might not need to be used at all.

Guide to using EFT - Needs to be updated to the newest version of EFT.

Guide to using EVEMon - There is no guide. I may be able to write something.

Eve math - A nice clear description of bonus multiplication. Half way finished. A link to the Speed and Maneuvering page may be helpful.

Category:Events - Not listed in the Wiki Structure. Has little in it. Might make sense to merge it with it's subcategory Category:Event Plans.

Category:Pilots - Not listed in the Wiki Structure.

Category:Fitting - A nice category not listed in the Wiki Structure. Perhaps it should be placed under ships.

Category:Ivy Fleets and Ivy League Navy - I am not sure where these should be in the Wiki Structure.

Full T2 Tank - A list of skills. The war policy says we must have them, but fittings are for buffer tanks. This is really confusing.

Category:Services - Almost nothing in here is listed in the category above it Eve University. This is unlike pages in other categories.

Category:War - A small three item category, which could either be expanded and put into the structure or removed.

Local_Angel_Data_Processing_Center, Local_Angel_Data_Terminal, Local_Angel_Mainframe, Local_Angel_Shattered_Life-Support_Unit, Local_Angel_Virus_Test_Site, Looted_Angel_Explosive_Debris, Looted_Angel_Lone_Vessel, Looted_Angel_Pod_Cluster, Looted_Angel_Ruined_Station, Looted_Angel_Ship_Graveyard, Ransacked_Angel_Dumped_Cargo, Ransacked_Angel_Ship_Graveyard, Ransacked_Angel_Ship_Remnants, Regional_Angel_Data_Processing_Center, Regional_Angel_Mainframe, Rogue_Drone_Asteroid_Infestation - All of these may need Category modifications. In particular I am confused as to what goes in Category:Exploration Complex vs Category:Exploration.

Category:Wormholes - Another unlisted category. I have not looked into the details but we probably have enough pages to keep this around.

Dirt_Nap_Squad_Covert_Ops_Tactics - The headers on this page are links. They are random and unorthodox. It may be best to remove the headers and put the links inside the text.

Contributions Page - This is for contributes to some tips and tricks. I would suggest renaming it.