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Both [[Eve University]] and [[Ivy League]] hold a unique position in [[New Eden]]. Conceived and implemented with the express purpose of assisting new pilots through the steep learning curve of the first few months of the [[capsuleer]] experience, with no long-term goal of retaining those assisted, we are truly different from the vast majority of other capsuleer-run [[corporations]], and the success of the University can be measured in the respect we have earned in the New Eden community.
Part of that uniqueness is the Code of Conduct that we adhere to as a group. These concepts are expressions of who we are and how we choose to interact with one another and with fellow capsuleers. They are not designed to be "fair" or "moral" or "ethical", they are simply the standards of conduct that we adhere to, which we have found to provide a suitable learning environment:
Any member is free to leave at any time if they find the Code of Conduct repressive, and we reserve the right to remove members without warning if it is clear that the below code of conduct is not being followed.
==== Our members are honest in their dealings both with one another and the community ====
We don’t lie, cheat or deceive. Our word is trustworthy. In times of war, strategic and tactical considerations may require temporary departures from this concept from the perspective of our enemies, but our allies and other members should never be given doubt about our commitment to operate with integrity.
==== Our members treat all pilots both inside and outside the organization with respect ====
Personal attacks, abuse, disparaging remarks, ridicule and arguments are to be avoided if at all possible. Property rights of others, both members and the community, are always to be respected in all forms.
==== Our members keep all public communication channels free of inappropriate content ====
While we appreciate that losing your ship to the last [[Rat|rat]] in a mission, falling for a contract [[scam]], or having everything you own destroyed by a [[Piracy|pirate]] in [[LoSec]] can be infuriating, members avoid profanity where possible. While occasional mild profanity may be tolerated, it is neither required or expected in common usage. Sexual or other off-color chat is to be avoided at all times, and there is very little tolerance in this regard.
==== Our members do not exploit or otherwise violate the Eve Online EULA ====
For all members of Eve University and Ivy League, actions which breach the [[End User Licence Agreement]] (EULA) for Eve Online as set by CCP, are prohibited. Examples of these are account sharing and purchasing of ISK or in-game items for real money. Any member admitting they have engaged in any actions forbidden in the EULA during their time in the alliance, including using another character under their control, will be immediately removed. In the event that a member has mistakenly breached the EULA, they are encouraged to [[petition]] CCP themselves via the normal channels to resolve the issue.
==== Our members are free to make their own choices ====
The corporation does not require members to live in certain star-systems and they may choose their own play times. Members are free to explore any of the skill sets available in New Eden at their own pace, in addition to participating in both scheduled and unscheduled classes and activities, as long as their actions do not conflict with this code of conduct or the [[Ivy League Policies]]. It is important that all members are aware that the restrictions laid out in the Policies are based on many years of experience, and allow us to fulfil our mission while providing a suitable environment for new pilots.
==== Our members are encouraged to balance "self" with "service" ====
When they first join the University, members are primarily focused on advancing their skills, establishing a viable personal economy and generally learning how things work. As experience and knowledge levels increase, the members who were once new find that they are able to support the next generation of new pilots. The majority of our members naturally progress in this activity, and those that choose to stay with Eve University for longer periods often find this role very fulfilling and a primary reason for remaining.
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