Contract Killers

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Contract Killers 1

Initial Defenders

  • 4x (Elite Frigate) Coreli Guardian Patroller/Watchman (Sensor Dampening)
  • 4x (Elite Cruiser) Corelum Guardian Chief Defender/Sentinel
  • 4x (Battlecruiser) Corelatis Captain Sentry/High Captain
  • 4x (Sentry) Serpentis Cruise Missile Battery
  • 0-1x (Battleship Commander) Shadow Serpentis Rear Admiral

Wave 1 (Spawns after 1 minute)

  • 3x (Elite Frigate) Coreli Guardian Patroller/Watchman (Sensor Dampening)
  • 4x (Elite Cruiser) Corelum Guardian Chief Defender/Sentinel
  • 4x (Battlecruiser) Corelatis Captain Sentry/High Captain

Wave 2 (Spawns after 2 minutes)

  • 4x (Elite Frigate) Coreli Guardian Initiate/Spy (Stasis Webifier, Warp Scramble)
  • 3x (Elite Cruiser) Corelum Guardian Chief Defender/Protector

Wave 3 (Spawns after 25 minutes or destruction of previous spawns)

  • 1x (Battleship) Avon Cobergneyde (Core Grand Admiral)

Wave 4 (Spawns after destroying Avon Cobergneyde)

  • 3x (Battlecruiser) Corelatis Captain/Platoon Leader/Wing Leader
  • 3x (Battleship) Core Baron/Commodore

You should get the escalation upon landing. If so, you will see message below pop up.

Your instruments lock on a departing ship and, from its jump parameters, suggest an approximate destination.

Contract Killers 2

On warp in: 4 cruise missile batteries, 3-4 elite cruisers, 3 battleships, 1 Shadow BS (chance), 1 Serpentis Drug Factory (Fires Purgatory Citadel Torpedo), all around 100km off.

Sensor dampening by several ships will occur immediately and at lesser amount through section.

Take care of the rats but ignore the factory, as although it may look like an overseer structure it doesn't actually drop any deadspace items other than random contraband. The factory reps shield and armor so you will need around 1500dps just to break the tank. It fires Citadel torpedos which are relatively weak and can be tanked easily. The factory webs you up to 50km out.

The next stage is to shoot the structure named "Serpentis Drug Lab". To clarify, this is not the structure that shoots you or repairs itself. This will trigger another wave of ships about 160-180k from the beacon, including 5 elite frigates, 4 battlecruisers and 5 battleships. Also a message:

"Quertah Bleu: Hmmph. I have better things to do that mop the floor with a rag-tag band of upstarts. But you leave me no choice ..." appears on local.

One battleship is named "Quertah Bleu", and is the overseer for the site. He moves very quickly and hits for a fair amount of damage and has exceptional tracking and damage application against fast moving targets. His tank, however, is nothing special.

Take him out and you'll get a message:

"It is said that men on Exile feed on dreams of hope. With this place destroyed, some will have to change diet.", indicating the end of the escalation.

Quertah may drop Core C-types, and possibly a Vigilant BPC. Salvage from wreck is Tech 1. Quertah can also drop a 1-run Vindicator BPC.

Note: (The player who receives aggro from the Serpentis Drug Factory can keep it at range of at least 60km. In this instance the Drug Factory will still rep its shields but will cease to repair its armor and will be much easier to take down. All other players assisting can keep the Drug Factory at preferred range as long as the player who receives aggro from the factory keeps it at 60km. Factory does not switch targets.)