Core Runner Exile Distribution Base

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This is a Cosmic Signature chemical lab found in low-sec. To access the Com Relay structure, you need a Data Analyser module.

Site Overview
Recommended ships Battlecruiser
Payout 10-15M ISK


Core Runners
Forever seeking new ways to spread their influence in the illegal booster industry, the Core Runners looked to the famed Thukker Tribe caravans for inspiration. No longer content to base their sales exclusively out of static locations, they have begun to push forward and establish temporary markets wherever demand is highest.

Marketing highly valuable Exile and Drop boosters in such a way presents numerous challenges and temptations to all involved. For this reason Serpentis put only their most trusted narco-thugs in charge of this new operation; Sarpati himself is said to have handpicked the two Captains and their lieutenants.

There is no acceleration gate. Template:NPCTable Irina Carlan may be present on the site. Template:NPCTable Template:NPCTable

Notable structures

Objects Notes L
Hackable Structure 4-6 x Test Crate/Com Relay/Think Tank Requires data analyser Drug BPC, skillbooks and drug related commodities


Est. value
Bounties 9M ISK
General loot 3M ISK
Salvage 2.5M ISK