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Because of the Unique nature of the University’s demographics, we will never be able to have a true doctrine like many more specialized PVP corporations. However, we can try to have fleet compositions that are more focused and geared towards PVP than a “kitchen sink” or bring whatever you want fleet. These compositions are put forth as possibilities, but not requirements. FCs can call for these types, or continue to call for bring what you want fleets, or other variations not listed. This is merely a list of fleets to provide a shared culture and understanding, in order to simplify the jobs of not just the FCs, but also the students when selecting which ships to stock and fit.

Our goal is to provide basic fleet frameworks for a couple of main fleet types that will allow every University student to fly with the fleet and be useful with a minimal amount of extra training, while having more focused and coordinate fleets than we have historically used.

We begin with a section for general tacklers and ewar. These ships are designed to be used by players that may not have skilled into the specific shield or armor doctrine ships, but would like to accompany the fleet. The generic tacklers and ewar can accompany either fleet and provide necessary support and fleet capacity. Different ships may be brought with FC permission. x

Next is the major backbone of the fleet doctrine, a framework for 2 main fleet types. One is a close range armor tanked setup, and the second is a longer ranged shield tanked fleet. Each of these fleet types lists the main types of ships that will be included, such as DPS, Logistics, or specialized Ewar fits.

When you look at the fittings for many ships, you will see a new player friendly fit, that has low skill requirements, and a veteran player fit, with much higher skill requirements. These two extremes are used to show the progression a ship fit will take as you gain in skills and can fit better modules for that specific role. It is perfectly allowable, and in fact encouraged, to fit ships that are in between these two sample fits, and are more in line with your specific skills and wallet balance. Just make sure to maintain the same role and major module types for your ship.

At the end of the document you will see two more speciality fleet types, the hydra destroyer fleet and the alpha fleet. These fleet types are much more narrowly focused on a few hulls, and are meant to be used in very special circumstances.

Main Fleets

1. Tackle and Ewar for either fleet

1.1 General description

1.2 Pros and Cons

1.3 Command Structure

1.4 Tactics

1.5 Fits

1.5.1 T1 Tackle Long range

1.5.2 T1 Tackle Close Range

1.5.3 T1 Ewar

1.5.4 T2 tackle long range (Inty)

1.5.5 T2 tackle close range (AF)

1.5.6 Recons

2. Close Range Armor

2.1 General description 2.2 pros and cons 2.3 Command structure 2.4 Tactics 2.5 Fits 2.5.1 Main body 2.5.2 Logistics 2.5.3 support

3 Cheap long-range kiting BC doctrine

3.1 General description 3.2 Pros and Cons 3.3 Command structure 3.4 Tactics 3.5 General fitting description 3.5.1 Main Body 3.5.2 Support

Specialty Fleets

4. Hydra Destroyer Fleet

4.1 General description 4.2 Pros and Cons 4.3 Command structure 4.4 Tactics 4.5 Fits

5 Uni Alpha Fleet Doctrine

5.1 General Information 5.2 Advantages/Disadvantages 5.3 Command Structure 5.4 Tactics 5.5 Fits