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Welcome Capsuleer to new Eden, a place where you can be nearly everything, a place with bright light and the evil of darkness. A place where you can find friends to conquer the deeps of space, friends you can trust... or may think you can trust them because there is also a dark side of Eve. There are Capsuleers out there that will try to gank you, they will try to steal your money, they will try to make sure you have a real bad day because it is so funny for them to do so. This Wiki should give you some basic knowledge to avoid losses.

The first rule of EVE

Fly only what you can lose!

That means that when you take out a ship in space with all its modules and cargo there is always a chance that you can lose it, even in high sec.

  • If you go for PvP you will lose ships so make sure that you can replace the ship with all his modules at least 10 times.
  • If you go for PvE you may lose your ship. In this case make sure that you can replace it at least two times.

Every ship that goes out into low sec or 0.0 is considered to be for PvP. To cite Kelduum Reevaan: “The moment you undock a ship, whatever it is, consider it lost along with all modules and rigs. Only by returning successful do you avoid the loss.”

Never, ever, haul PLEXes

Or, how to get them to the place where you want them.

You never, ever, haul a PLEX! Why? You don't need to! If you haul a PLEX in-game there is a very high chance that some one suicide gank you! So don't do it. You don't want to lose your real money!

If you buy a PLEX with real money and want to sell it, maybe in Jita, then go to Jita and redeem the PLEX there. (A redeemed item will always be put into the station hangar where you are docked). You can redeem an item after you have logged in (but not chosen your character) by clicking on the redeem bar on the lower screen border, or you can do it in-game via the character sheet or the Escape-Key menu.

Keep in mind, that after reverse redeeming a PLEX, you can only redeem it again in that same particular station, so choose your original redeeming location wisely.

You can purchase PLEX once per 24 hours and there may be a 1 hour security delay.

You can find detailed information how to redeem a PLEX here, in the

Suicide ganking

E-UNI Emblem.png EVE University offers
a class on:

A suicide ganker is someone that blows up your ship in high sec in the knowledge that CONCORD will destroy their ship. They will use a cheap ship with a cheap fit that deals high damage so that they are able to destroy you before CONDORD arrives (they have between 10 to 20 seconds to do so). An alt or another buddy will grab the loot from your ship and the loot from the suicide ganker.

Is it worth suicide ganking? Yes, if the wealth of the modules that drop from your ship is bigger than the cost of the suicide ganker's ship minus his ship insurance. Keep in mind that T1 Industrials have a weak tank, can transport a lot of stuff and can be blown up with ease.

How do they do this? Normally they have a buddy at a trade hub like Jita, Hek, Rens, Amarr, or Dodixie who has a passive targeting system and scan your ship while you undock. If he sees that it is worth it, he will inform his friends at the station or the guys that are waiting in the next system at the gate you jump through. Another possibility is that they wait in a bottle neck system between the regions or major trade routes.

For more detailed information, please listen to this recording of the class on "How to avoid suicide ganking".

Moving expensive stuff

If you want to move a lot of stuff or stuff with a high value then there are several ways to do it. The different ways need time or cost you ISK. But paying them is better than losing them.

  • You can do several runs with a low value cargohold so as to make the expense to the suicide ganker greater than any gain.
  • You can ask a corp mate with a freighter or an Orca to haul it for you. Freighters and Orcas have a good tank and are expensive to gank so are safer to haul items of a larger value.
  • You can sell your stuff and buy it again at your destination. But do check prices first.
  • You can set up a courier contract with a freight service such as Red Frog Freight or Push Industries.

If you want to know more about Hauling have a look at the Hauling 101 Wiki.

Running Courier Contracts of your own

Can baiting, Stealing and Can flipping, Mobile Tractor Units

Can baiting is when someone puts out a can for you with "free items". If the can is yellow then if you take the items you will be considered a thief and they can destroy you. You can take from blue cans freely.

When someone steals from your ore jetcan or one of your wrecks they will then become flashy to you and you can engage them. Believe it or not, most of the time when this happens they don't care about the item itself, they actually want you to fight them. If you shoot at them then they can return fire and destroy you, and then they get a mission ship killmail and your modules.

Can flipping is a combination of ninja looting and can baiting. The perpetrator will steal from you and then drop the item in a can from you (possibly with a "oops, here have it back" in local). Even though it was originally yours, if you take it back from their can *you* are considered a thief to them and they can shoot you.

In principal, when someone steals your stuff, you can shoot him. But doing it in a mission runner (PvE fitted ship) is a bad idea. He's probably prepared for this more than you and believes he can defeat you. Even if you win he can then come back in a bigger ship and try again within 15 minutes. So if there is a can flipper it's usually best to ignore him. If you are near Slays or HSC and in E-Uni, make a call in mumble or Mess.ILN and ask for help. Do not engage him alone!

For more detailed Information read the Can Flipping Wiki

The Mobile Tractor Unit (MTU) is a deployable structure that is very popular among mission runners for collecting the loot. If somebody shoots your MTU they will become a suspect (yellow flashy) but not be attacked by Concord. In a previous version of EVE (Rubicon 1.0) this could also lead to your aggressive drones auto-attacking the suspect, but this behavior was fixed.

Griefing on the marked

How to travel

In high sec

Using the auto pilot drops you out of warp 15 km away from each gate and then you have to slow boat the distance to the gate. This provides plenty of time for a ganker to kill you. If you are at all concerned that you are worth suicide ganking then use the autopilot only to highlight the gates on your trip, and warp and jump manually. This way is safer and also faster.

In low sec

In low sec you should never ever use the autopilot to fly your ship. It makes you a sitting duck for anyone looking for kills. Moving through low sec in a shuttle or fast frigate is actually fairly safe, because your align time is so quick you'll be in warp from a gate or station before anyone can lock you, though a well prepared gate camp can use a smartbombing battleship to get you as you come in. These are fairly rare in most places, but avoid the following systems (Known Pirate Systems):

  • Rancer
  • Amamake

Try to get some experience flying around low sec in a frigate before trying to move anything bigger than a destroyer through it solo.

The only safe place in Eve is inside a station!

But Eve isn't designed for you to just stay in a station. Spaceships aren't designed to stay in a station. Spaceships are designed to go out into space! So go out and do this!

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