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Inventory Window

inventory window

Filters are a part of a characters inventory. When opening your inventory, look at the bottom left and click the up arrow, this will expand the filters menu.

Default Filters

The EVE client specifies a number of default filters, which will be listed in the My filter window of a character until removed.

Add filters

Adding a new filter is as easy as clicking the '+ button' on the top of the 'My Filters' section of a characters inventory.

Item Filter Window

item filter window
  1. The place where you will put your filter definition. Once you put down a single condition, an additional line for a filter condition will appear.
  2. Determines if the filter should match any or all conditions.
  3. The name the filter will show up as in the 'filters' menu of your inventory window.
  4. The share button of a filter. You can share a filter by dragging the share button to another window in the EVE client (such as mail or chat)

In addition to the 4 indicated parts described above, the item filter window has a save and a close button.

  • The save button will save the currently defined filter definition under the name specified in the 'name' textbox.
  • The close button will close the item filter window without saving.