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Having a solid understanding of the terminology and lingo used in fleet operations is key to clear, concise and effective communications. This page explains the common terms a pilot might hear over Mumble from the fleet's commanders. It will also list short cuts you may see in fleet chat.

Fleet Forming Terms

  • FC -- Fleet commander. This is the pilot in command of the fleet. A FC may be in command of 1 to 5 wings.
  • WC -- Wing commander. This pilot is in charge of 1 wing of the fleet. A WC may be in charge of 1 to 5 squads within the wing. Depending on the fleet size and composition, wing commanders may be in command of all pilots of specific role (logistics, EWAR, etc.)
  • SC -- Squad commander. This pilot is in charge of 1 squad. A squad may consist of up to 10 pilots.

A fleet commander or wing commander will post several things in Alliance to form a fleet. You may see:

  • Scouts convo me -- This is a fleet commander asking for available scouts to start communications with him. Scouts are unique in the way they join the fleet. Normally, people joining the fleet will post in Alliance, but scouts use this method to help shield their identity from those who aren't in the fleet. However, not all FCs will utilize this protocol, and sometimes the identities of scouts are known to the whole fleet.
  • L5 3/3/3/3 -- This will be posted by pilots volunteering for booster roles.
  • Tacklers sign up -- This request is for ships whose primary job will be to tackle (use stasis webifier and/or warp scramblers/disruptors on the enemy).
  • EWAR sign up -- This request is for ships whose primary job is to use electronic warfare against the enemy.
  • DD sign up -- this request is for "damage dealers", ships whose primary job is to inflict damage on the enemy.
  • RR/Logi signup -- this request is for "remote repairers", ships whose primary job is to provide fleet logistics support. Possible responses might include "arr" (armor remote repair).
  • Last call -- this may or may not be made by the FC. This is an open invitation for anyone who didn't get invited to the fleet to volunteer.

Fleet Movement Terms

  • +1 / -1 -- One to several ships (typically fast Interceptors or Frigates) who are one jump ahead (+1) or one jump behind (-1) of the current system the fleet is operating in or moving through. The purpose of the +1/-1 is to provide fleet intelligence instead of or in addition to fleet scouts.
  • Advance -- Jump gate, warp to gate to next system in your destination list and OGC.
  • Align destination (A destination) -- Align to the specified destination. Usually a gate, may also be a station, planet, etc.
  • Best speed to ____________ -- Unless told otherwise, use shortest route, and make your best speed (on your own) to the called destination.
  • Bounce -- Warp to safe spot, planet (70 to 100 KM), sun (70 to 100 KM), or other safe celestial (not a moon), and then come back to last fleet location or new location provided by squad commander, wing commander, or fleet commander.
  • Break Break -- This is given by someone who wants Mumble communications to cease so he or she can report something important. If you hear this, do not speak on Mumble.
  • Camp a Station -- This means the fleet will sit at a station and wait for the enemy to either arrive or undock.
  • Defensive Modules Hot -- After uncloaking, turn on defensive modules such as damage control and active hardeners (armor / shield). Shield boosters and armor repair units not included for this command.
  • Jump, Jump, Jump (JJJ) -- Jump through the gate you are at, or are in warp to.
  • Jump on Contact (JOC) -- Jump as soon as you can when you reach the gate.
  • Hold on Contact (HOC) -- Do NOT jump through the gate you are at or are in warp to. Hold at destination.
  • Hold Cloak (HC) -- When you jump through a gate, you will stay cloaked for 60 seconds as long as you don't move. If you are told to hold cloak, don't move, change speed, change direction, etc. You should always hold cloak after jumping unless given other orders.
  • Offensive (OGC) / Defensive Gatecamp (DGC) -- You can find more details about Gatecamps here.
  • Primary -- This is the target the FC wants the fleet to focus on. Generally, this means that tacklers and damage dealers focus on this target. As a rule of thumb, EW usually ignores the primary target and goes for the most dangerous targets or remote reppers. Obviously this doesn't apply if you're target painting.
  • Reapproach the Gate -- Move back into jump range (less than 2500m) of the nearest gate. Larger (slower) ships may accomplish this faster by bouncing off a near by Celestial, preferable a planet or asteroid belt, not a moon.
  • See Flashy, Shoot Flashy -- Indicates that the fleet's rules of engagement allow you to attack any legitimate (flashing in the overview) target that shows up on grid without waiting for the FC to command it.
  • Scatter -- If you hear this, select your Pod Saver tab on your overview and warp away to a random planet. Continue to warp around the system until told to do something else, like go to a gate and leave the system, or the FC tells you to warp back to him. If you scatter, don't warp back to the FC to see what's going on unless you were told to. Keep moving. Stay alive. Don't get into fights. Let your aggression timer expire so you can leave the system if necessary.
  • Vanguard [Fleet] -- A smaller subset of the main fleet sent ahead to bait others into fighting you. If you jump the whole large fleet into the system, this is likely to scare your prey off. But if you only send in 10 pilots at first, you are much more likely to secure a fight. Once the fight is secured (points are spread, etc.), then you warp the rest of the fleet in to finish the job.
  • Warp Yourselves at Optimal -- Warp yourself to the target at the optimal range for your ship's "primary role." If you are ewar and have guns, but your primary role is ewar, warp at the optimal range of your ewar equipment.
  • Warp to X -- Where x is typically a person on your Fleet Watch Lists; please note when warping to an Intel person, never warp at 0 as you risk uncloaking them.
  • Warp to Top Station or Top Belt -- Refers to the first station or belt on the pull down menu when an area of space is right clicked and the appropriate station or belt menu is selected. (Not to the order in your Overview.)

Other terms you'll hear that are less common

  • Gate is green -- same as "jump, jump, jump" or "jump on contact"
  • Gate is red -- Hold on gate, do not jump