Foggy Nebula

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The Foggy Neblua is a gas site found in null sec through Exploration. The site will need to be cleared of NPCs with a combat ship.

This site can only be found in the Vale of the Silent region of space. Gas clouds will periodically do random damage; beware.


Wave #1

Battlecruiser 1-2 x Battlecruiser Enforcer/Exterminator/Striker Alvatis
Battleship 1 x Battleship Mutated Parasite Drone Shooting this will trigger the next wave
Battleship 2 x Battleship Domination/Spearhead Alvus

Wave #2

Elite Frigate 1 x Elite Frigate Strain Decimator/Render/Splinter Alvi
Destroyer 1-2 x Destroyer Dismantler/Marauder Alvior
Elite Cruiser 1 x Elite Cruiser Strain Bomber/Disintegrator Alvum
Battleship 2 x Battleship Alvus Creator/Patriarch Alvus
In local:
Hostile drones have emerged from the drone bunkers to defend the Mutated Drone Parasite!

Gas Clouds

2 Amber Cytoserocin clouds (1,500 units each)

Amber Cytoserocin is used in the production of the Pure Stadard Blue Pill Booster.