Mamo Guerre

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Mamo Guerre
Mamo Guerre.jpg
Type Data center
Level 1
Location Lirsautton (0.8)
Beacon Mamo's Backyard
Affiliation FedMart
Gallente Federation

Mamo Guerre is a level 1 FedMart (Gallente Federation) data center storyline agent located at Mamo's Backyard in Lirsautton. His missions form a part of Beizan Picholen mission chain.

The Plot Thickens (1 of 3)

Type Courier
Objective Retrieve 1 x FedMart Reports (0.1m³)
Rewards 46,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
I don't have time for simpletons. Either leave me be or show me a good reason why I should waste my time on you ...

You need to have progressed enough in Avrue Auz's mission chain to have the Fed Navy Reports required to hand in.

The Plot Thickens (2 of 3)

Type Courier
Objective Retrieve 1 x Crash Ultra (0.1m³)
Rewards 22,000 + time bonus
Mission briefing
So let me get this straight. You want me to tell you what I did with the boosters that I supposedly bought through my connections in FedMart? No problem, as long as you do something for me. You rub my back, I rub yours.

There is a certain commodity I am after, which is extremely hard to acquire. It's virtually undetectable with the current sensors used by the customs officials, and is highly illegal if you get my drift. It so happens that I know where a few units of this commodity are stashed. In fact I've configured the gateway located behind my ship to send you there. It's being guarded of course, but that's why I need you.

Bring me what I need, and I'll give you the information you've been looking for. Deal?

The Crash Ultra is found in the canister when you take the acceleration gate leading to a deeper area of Mamo's Backyard. It is defended by nine frigates, and the container is locked until the five rookie ships circling it are destroyed.

The Plot Thickens (3 of 3)

Type Courier
Objective Deliver 1 x Crash Ultra (0.1m³)
Rewards Mamo's Message + 0.161 Gallente Federation faction standing + time bonus
Mission briefing
Don't be so hasty, <Capsuleer>. There's always a catch you know. All you have to do is transport the commodity to the FedMart storage facility in Jel. I need it analyzed there in our lab, plus you'll make a good test dummy to see if it actually works against the customs officials at the stargates.

Once the item is in your hangar there, then I will reward you with the information you seek. And I do hope you'll never show your face in my territory again after this is over, comprende?

This time, the agent asks you to deliver the Crash Ultra to another station for testing. As a reward, you get Mamo's message that is needed for the next mission from Avrue Auz.

This mission can be completed remotely. Remember to take the reward into your cargo if you complete this mission while in a station. Return to Avrue Auz to continue with her mission chain.