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The micro jump drive (MJD) is a module for battleships (including faction battleships) and their T2 variants (Black Ops & Marauders). It allows the ship to instantly travel 100km in the direction the ship is facing. Upon activation, there's a "warm up" delay of 12 seconds and after activation, a 3 minute "cool down" before you can reactivate it. It was introduced in the Retribution patch.

It was said MJDs for cruisers and frigates may eventually follow.


  • The ship's velocity and direction is maintained after a jump, so if you were moving at 200m/s toward the sun just before the jump is executed, you'll be 100km closer toward the sun and still moving at 200m/s.
  • Note that the velocity and direction is maintained before the jump, not when the module was activated.
  • If you align and then activate, you will continue to align. After the activation though, you cannot turn.
  • You can be moving away from the front of a station and turn around just before the 12 second delay. You might then end up on the other side of the station. Any objects in the path of the jump have no effect and are unaffected.
  • Attempting to warp while the MJD is active (charging) is NOT possible.
  • If you try to deactivate the MJD while it is charging, you will still end up 100km.
  • When charging, your ship will go to max speed and you cannot stop it.
  • If you have a lock on something and then micro-jump, you maintain that lock unless your out of targeting range
  • If the MJD is charging and you are warp scrammed upon execution, your jump will fail.
  • If you activate the MJD, get warp disrupted, break the target's lock (or if they turn off warp disruptor) before the execution, you will still jump.
  • If you activate the MJD, get warp scrammed, break the target's lock (or if they turn off warp disruptor) before the execution, you will still jump.
  • If you have one or two warp core stabs, and get warp scrammed during charging, your jump will fail.
  • The timer doesn't reset after re-docking. In fact, you can't even unfit the module till the timer finishes.
  • You can activate MJD if you are warp disrupted and the jump will execute (there's probably going to be a fix for this)

Warp Scram

The module is affected by warp scramblers and warp disruption fields. So if you end up in a bubble, you can't MJD to get out (unless you have sufficient warp core strength). The MJD is only affected by scrams at the moment of execution. The MJD ship can be scrammed for the 12 second "warm up" delay but if at the very last second, he is unscrammed, the MJD will succeed.


The MJD requires Micro Jump Drive Operation I skill to use. The skill gives a 5% bonus to reducing the activation time of the MJD. The skill requires Navigation IV and Warp Drive Operation II.


Large Micro Jump Drive:

Cap Cost: 786 GJ

Activation Time: 12 sec

Reactivation Delay: 180 sec

Sig Radius: 150%

Potential Uses

  • Vertisce Soritenshi said the MJD can help battleships stay in range of targets without having to have a frigate to provide a warp-to point.
  • MJD can be used to make strategic bookmarks around gates or stations (but a MWD fast frigate would be better)
  • A group of battleships that have warped together can spread out from each other relatively quickly upon arrival, if each points in a different direction before all MJDs execute (the battleships don't have to warp together at all either)
  • You can snipe some distance from a gate and when a target jumps in, you can activate the MJD and fire weapons. If the target tries to reach you before the MJD activates, you'll gain 100km to retarget and shoot again. This would require the target to be slow enough/you can snipe very far depending on how far the target can move in 20 seconds.


The MJD requires a substantial amount of cap to be used (946 J) and a 10 minute cycle is a long time in the midst of a battle. The MJD also increases the ship's signature radius by 500%. Although a battleship's sig radius is already large, this (like an MWD) makes battleships very easy to hit with captial ship weapons.