Nation Commander Stronghold

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Forces Required

  • 10 - 20 pilots

Military Intelligence


Assault Reward Payout Ratio

Background Intelligence


Nation Commander Stronghold Encounter


  • Locate Nation Commander and assassinate them.
  • Once you have separated the commander from the rest of the Sansha fleet they will scatter and flee.

Initial Wave

Groups are numbered in order they spawn in pocket.

Group 1

55km Schmaeel Medulla x1 (frigate)
Auga Hypohysis x2 (web/warp disruptor cruiser)
Intaki Colliculus x2 (battleship)
Ostingele Tectum x2 (battleship

Group 2

145km Mara Paleo x2 (cruiser)
Yulai Crus Cerebi x 4 (Battleship,sniper)

Group 3

135km Renyn Meten x2 (frigate)
Antem Neo x3 (cruiser)

Group 4

45km Eystur Rhomben x2 (frigate)
Niarga Myelen x1 (neut/ecm frigate)
Romi Thalamus x4 (cruiser)
Arnon Epithalamus x1 (cruiser)

Hints and Tips