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Although EVE University has a long history in - and is fairly well-known throughout - New Eden, this does not mean we should not engage with the wider community in informing new and old members of our existence and purpose. Public relations is an important part of all major corps and alliances, although in EVE it is more often than not known as propaganda.

How can I get involved?

The simplest way is just by talking about EVE University! Apart from just informal discussion in in-game channels, there are many out-of-game mediums to use for talking about EVE and E-UNI...


Blogging about your activities is very popular in EVE, there are so many that is a rather large page and still incomplete!

Write for EVE University's front page

If you don't want the effort and/or costs involved to set up your own blog, why not write for our front page?


Searching the hashtags #eveonline or #tweetfleet will produce many EVE tweeters, including seemingly most of CCP's developers.

EVE University's Twitter account