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Christmas Eagle Logo.png This page is specific to EVE University. Other corporations or groups in the game may operate differently.
For a summary of EVE University's rules and code of conduct, see EVE University Rules.

The Ship Replacement Program (SRP) is an initiative of EVE University to encourage participation in combat fleets. The program is intended to both help new pilots get into PvP and to promote the use of important hulls that benefit the entire fleet.

Quicklink to SRP Section in Alliance Auth

SRP Eligibility Criteria


  • Pilot must be a member of Ivy League or Ivy League Alt Alliance at the time of loss, and added to AA as a linked character (SRP module will block the request otherwise)
  • Must be during a group PvP engagement (pre-planned fleet or QRF, not solo)
  • There must be a value in the SRP payout tables below for your loss' hull type and SRP tier
  • Must have been within the last 30 days (SRP links will only remain active for 3 days however, so you must create a new link after that time and submit your request)
  • Battleship SRP is only available with prior agreement from the SRP Manager

Footnote: Please do not game or abuse the SRP system, EVE University reserves the right to deny SRP to those that are found to be guilty of this.


  • Any ship fitted primarily for PvE or being flown in a PvE doctrine (eg. WHC C3, NSC npc cap vexors etc)
  • Flight Deck Ships or any other handout from EVE University corporation stock (not from members)
  • ORE Ships (Except the Prospect as a blops hunter under T2 frigate category)
  • Industrial ships (eg all T1 and T2 Haulers)
  • T1/Navy/T2 Covert Ops Exploration Frigates
  • Edencom Ships (Skybreaker, Stormbringer, Thunderchild)
  • Sisters of EVE Ships (Astero, Stratios, Nestor)
  • Some Society of Conscious Thought Ships: Metamorphosis & Sunesis
  • PvEvP fleets, specifically
    • Lowsec incursions
    • Pochven OBS/Standings fleets
    • (ESS fleets are not excluded and are currently eligible for Base SRP)

SRP Tiers

SRP payout is calculated from a combination of Hull Type and SRP Tier, as described below.


  • Fits that are not created by the EVE University fitting team and are not in Alliance Auth
  • The fallback if your loss does not fall into the other 2 tiers (for example if you use a ship from a different doctrine than was called for by the FC)


  • Official EVE Uni fits lost while flying in a fleet or QRF with a single set doctrine. Both the Official Fleet Doctrine and Official StratOp Doctrine categories in Alliance Auth encompass this
    • For example, a KSG QRF with a KSG Caracal loss would qualify. A KSG QRF with an AAF Enyo loss would not (and would fall back to base)
    • Tackle ships (interdictors, interceptors, tackle AFs) are universal and will qualify regardless of doctrine/fleet, if the official uni tackle fit is used
  • Upgrades to fits will still qualify in this tier. (Upgrading the plate and point on a Malediction is OK and will still qualify for SRP, but fundamentally altering the fit/mods would not)


  • Losses will only qualify for Strategic SRP while on a fleet that is specifically denoted as a strat op and is run by a Strat or Senior FC (it will be clearly marked as a stratop in the ping and during the fleet)
  • Prior restrictions on utilising only ships from the doctrine called for do not apply, Strat FCs are entrusted with calling for what is required and as such all ships whose hull types have values against their Strategic SRP fields can be claimed for
  • If there is no value against the Strategic SRP for that hull type, it will fall back to advanced assuming an official fit was used (no bringing your own bizarre fits to stratops please!)

SRP Links

What is an SRP Link?

An SRP link is effectively a ledger for all losses incurred during an engagement/fleet to be requested from.

Who creates the SRP link?

Ideally the FC of the fleet would create the link, however it is not limited to just the FC. Some engagements/QRFs don't have a cohesive FC and in these cases, anyone from the engagement can create an SRP link

How do I create an SRP link?

  • Navigate to the SRP module in Alliance Auth
  • Hit the "Add SRP link" green button in the top right or click here to go straight to the add page
  • Fill in the appropriate fields
    • [Fleet Name]: Should contain the FC's name and some basic information on what the fleet was for/did
    • [Fleet Time]: Time the fleet occurred in EVE time
    • [Fleet Type]: N/A
    • [Doctrine]: Doctrine info, eg KSG (Kiting Small Gang) or AAF (Armor Assault Frigates)
    • [After action report link]: Optional - could contain the battle report using evetools, or could link to the forum AAR if the FC created one

How do I add my loss to an existing SRP link?

  • The creator of the SRP link is encouraged to drop the link in fleet chat/discord, but if they do not, it can be found on AA
  • Navigate to the SRP module in AA
  • Find the appropriate SRP link from your FC in the "SRP Links" tab at the top
  • Click the Green "open hand" button at the end of that row
  • Copy the zkillboard link of your loss into the Killboard link field
  • The Additional Information field can be a simple reflection on what happened. It is mandatory simple because the AA module makes it so!
  •  ???
  • Profit

Additional Information

When SRP requests are made, they will notify reimbursement officers in the appropriate discord channel. We will aim to process SRP requests as quickly as possible, but please remember staff are all volunteers so it may not be immediate! When your SRP request is either approved, or denied, you will receive a Discord DM to notify you (with the reasoning if the request was denied)

SRP Payout Tables


Hull Type Base Advanced Strategic
T1 Standard 2m 5m
Logistics 2m 9m
Navy 6m 17m 18m
Pirate 15m 40m
T2 Standard 14m 33m 40m
Logistics 16m 42m 47m
Bombers 18m 36m 51m


Hull Type Base Advanced Strategic
T1 3m 8m
Navy 9m
T2 25m 63m 76m
T3 35m 71m 94m


Hull Type Base Advanced Strategic
T1 Standard 12m 28m 34m
Logistics 7m 18m 20m
Navy 19m 57m 81m
Pirate 158m
T2 Standard 54m 136m 231m
Logistics 49m 159m 208m
T3 63m 189m 440m


Hull Type Base Advanced Strategic
T1 Combat 37m 56m 79m
Attack 58m 97m
Navy 41m 123m 174m
T2 92m 185m 392m


(Only with prior approval)

Hull Type Base Advanced Strategic
T1 97m 170m
T2 380m

Triglavian Ships

Must have T2, faction or officer gun fitted

Hull Type Base Advanced Strategic
Kikimora 21m 53m
Draugur 45m 135m
Vedmak 37m 92m
Drekavac 64m 128m

Society Of Conscious Thought Ships

(Praxis with prior approval)

Hull Type Base Advanced Strategic
Gnosis 35m
Praxis 90m