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===Frequently visited pages===
===Frequently visited pages===
[[Mission reports]]
[[Mission reports]]
===Not to forget===
[[Mission formatting guidelines]]

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Browsing through documentation on NPCTable I had noticed that sometimes [collapse] element in the tables is placed wrong - just check documentation on NPCTableHead Template for example (the very bottom examples of tables).
The reason is that [collapse] element is positioned in the {position: absolute} way and the position is determined from the ancestor with a defined position which is currently mw-body-content. If you introduce new paragraphs or blocks it doesn't change the ancestor for [collapse] positioning.
I have no idea of how to correct it in a proper way, as I have no experience in web coding at all. All my experience is the result of several hours of internet browsing ...
To correct this issue, I suppose one has to change {{NPCTableCSS}} template and change .wikitable.NPC {margin-top: 0px;} to .wikitable.NPC {position: relative; margin-top: 0px;}.
Well, actually I am not sure it will not cause any problems in other places, I am not a specialist after all. :)
old npc table head
correct npc table head

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Frequently visited pages

Mission reports

Not to forget

Mission formatting guidelines